How to Kill Snipers on Orange Box

Discussion in 'Random' started by ben55, 23 Jun 2017.

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  1. pesky fruit shop owners...

  2. wow thats sick man
    i cant do the teletrap thing tho
  3. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    Ben, a most epic display of skill and ingenuity. I honestly do not know how you do it.

    Kind regards,

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  4. Dan Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!


  5. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    We did it reddit!!!
  6. Cactus The key is to never give up

    is "banned" a bad rating?

    As resident ass let me just be frank about this shit.

    I talk way more trash than Torrin ever did. Hell, I'm pretty sure Torrin even tried his best to contribute with GM-themed stories and reports etc. He might have been overzealous in his contributions, I'll grant you that.

    This sure looks like a bunch of nerds circlejerk-picking on one random kid though, which is pretty sad.
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  8. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    I don't think you and torrin are equal tree you actually provide some insight into things some of us aren't as savvy about.
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  9. Dan Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    Can we ban this nibber too then pls thx

    Make GM great again
  10. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    You ain't resident shit, son.

    What, because you shit post for a week after being away since 2012 you think you've ascended to a status worth noticing?

    Go sit in the fucking corner, lad. The real assholes are talking.
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  11. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    o dam

    Now that's edgy.

    Thanks for all the ad hominems, mister manager man. They totally contribute to the conversation and don't avoid the key point at all.

    "Hey isn't picking on one autistic child sad at the very least?"

    - "You ain't shit you've only been around for 2 weeks you have no status go sit in the corner lad"

    Yeah you sure showed me.
    Last edited: 24 Dec 2017
  13. Calm down already. Tree made a good point. You make it seem like the opinion of anyone below Manager-status is completely irrelevant.
  14. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    I don't think that is what Helljack was trying to say. I think he means that we have had and seen way worse.
    Calling yourself resident shitposter (or ass I kinda got confused which one to use) when you are by far not the worst we have seen.


    Regardless, not the point I was making.
  16. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    True, I was only clarifying what Helljack meant.

    The thing is, and I said this yesterday on Discord as well, managers have spoken to Torrin in private on how to post and act on the forums. We cannot stop everybody from rating him Douglas and thats also not what we are here for. The bottom line is still that after many, many gentles nudges on how to act etc. Torrin ignored all of it and went on. Which also meant people will pick on him. But there is a line in how far we allow it to carry on. We could have let him stay and he would be picked on more and more (even with people trying to help him). Or ban him and take that all away.

    Im on my phone so I didnt type up too much cus fuck typing on a phone.

    Either outcome has a negative effect.

    I'm not saying Torrin is free of blame at all. He's done some pretty stupid things (asking about Discord raiding, for one). I'm also fully aware that a member's social manoeuvres aren't in the hands of managers or admins.

    At the same time, I believe I am fully free to call out members who are beating a dead horse (in this case, Torrin post-ban). I also still think the flak he got for his actions on the forums is completely disproportionate, and I have no problem pointing that out as well.

    This is not a "plese unban torin", this is a "You're all celebrating some autistic kid getting banned, which is kind of deplorable".
  18. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    Im confused, who is celebrating him being gone? Ive not seen any posts about him after his ban.
  19. [​IMG]


    DanCousins, Yesterday at 14:11 Report

    just an example
  20. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    All I needed to do was scroll up, oops.

    In all fairness I wouldnt call the 3 posts a celebration. I get your point but this is hardly beating a dead horse imo.
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