How to make a PropHunt Map.

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  1. Geit Coding wizard!

    How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Right, Multiple people have asked how to make a PropHunt map, and I promised I'd make a guide, So, here we go!

    My small disclaimers:

    • This guide is meant to serve as a set of guidelines, not a bible.
    • PropHunt is a new game-mode (In TF2), so this guide may not be entirely correct as PropHunt gets updated.



    A PropHunt map should be fun to play, but should never sacrifice looks, there's nothing worse than a fullbright dev-textured map that looks like an atomic blast scattered props everywhere randomly. It should also not be too large, 6000x6000 would be an ideal size.

    PropHunt relys very heavily on vertical gameplay to allow the scouts a chance to escape, so don't make your map completely flat, and block the line of sight as much as you can, there's nothing worse than being seen from the other side of the map.

    Before starting on a map (Any Map) you should have a vague idea of your final product, draw out a plan if it helps, having mappers block in the middle of the creation process can be very frustrating.

    Creating the map

    Prophunt is probably the easiest gamemode to map for, even eaiser than arena, it requires very little brush-work to make an acceptable map, and even less logical entity setup.

    A PropHunt map, is basically a stripped out Arena map, the only essential entities are:

    • A prop_dynamic with the model "models/props_gameplay/cap_point_base.mdl"
    • And a TF_Logic_arena - it doesn't need to be setup, just in the map.

    Both of the above items are provided in the prefab I have linked in 'Prerequisites'. Don't forget to add spawns, lighting and props.

    Then, when finished with your basic brushwork layout, use the ABS prop-library with the 3D editor (Press X in Hammer) to add props to the map.

    EDIT: (Dark) Don't bother adding spawn room visualisers or the glowy thing that goes on the control point. They will be removed automatically when the map is loaded.

    Getting the map approved:

    To get your map approved, all you must do, is post a thread here with the following included: Map Download and a Map Config.

    The map configuration file allows you to select what props will be played on your map, among other things.

    Below is ph_warehouse.cfg

    The first section is for Props, Obviously. Any props without the {} after them will NOT work.

    The second section controls settings such as:

    ROUND: round time (In seconds).
    DOORS: if set to 1, all func_doors will be opened when the hiding time is over.
    RELAY: if set to 1, a logic_relay with the name "hidingover" will be Triggered when the hiding time is over.
    FREEZE: if set to 0, Pyros will be able to move during the hiding time (useful in conjunction with a door on their spawn)
    ALT: Does nothing currently

            "models/props_2fort/tire003.mdl" {}
            "models/props_forest/wood_pile.mdl" {}    
            "models/props_farm/pallet001.mdl" {}    
            "models/props_farm/concrete_block001.mdl" {}
            "models/props_gameplay/orange_cone001.mdl" {}
            "models/props_badlands/barrel01.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/propane_tank_tall01.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/metalbucket001.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/frog.mdl" {}
            "models/props_badlands/barrel02.mdl" {}
            "models/props_gameplay/haybale.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/oildrum.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/miningcrate002.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/miningcrate001.mdl" {}
            "models/props_spytech/tv001.mdl" {}
            "models/props_well/computer_cart01.mdl" {}
            "models/props_farm/welding_machine01.mdl" {}
            "models/props_forest/wood_pile.mdl" {}
            "models/props_farm/wood_pile.mdl" {}
            "models/props_farm/haypile001.mdl" {}
            "models/props_forest/sawmill_logs.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/milkjug001.mdl" {}
            "models/props_granary/grain_sack.mdl" {}
            "models/props_well/hand_truck01.mdl" {}
            "models/props_2fort/cow001_reference.mdl" {}
            "doors" "1"
            "relay" "0"
            "round" "175"
            "freeze" "0"
            "alt" ""
    Please note that the cap_point_base.mdl capture point prop is forced globally to prevent errors on maps with no config; including it in your prop list will result in a double chance of getting it.

    You can offset a prop by putting the offset keyvalue in the brackets next to each prop, example: "models/combine_strider.mdl" {"offset" "0 0 520"} would offset the strider model so that the scout is near the striders feet.

    Thanks for reading, and enjoy mapping!

    Questions go below:>
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  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Thanks for the guide, and I am planning to make a prophunt map in the next few weeks, im kind of in-between computers right now, but when I get my main one back, I will probably make one.

    If no one is working on a swamp one, I may make a swamp one from the kit on TF2Maps..
  3. Bulletproof Last one alive, Lock the door.

    Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Nice! I might start one but it'l be crap but ill know on what to improve when you see it.
  4. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Hm your prefab link gives a 404 :)
  5. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Ya I was thinking about doing one to fix the prefab?
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    I'll Re-Upload the prefab later, when I get a chance. - but you don't really need it, all it is, is a CP with a TF_logic_arena.
  7. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    and how was the randomization done for warehouse?
  8. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Anyone know how to make fire, for a wall torch? Env_fire doesn't work in ep2 games, and someone told me to use info_particle_system, but not how, and I can't find a tutorial.
  9. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    decompile oasis and u can take the fire from there thats wat I do if I need something and I know where someone else used it.
  10. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Ah I thought it was more important then a cp and logic entity! Thanks Geitiegg :)
  11. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    I have a map I am working on I was thinking of intergrating it to Ph somehow after I finish also thinking about making some existing maps to Ph(random props etc).
  12. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Added a quick edit.

    Also stickied :>
  13. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    was just wondering with the proplist is it possible to set the skins aswell? as I'm in the process of making a prophunt map and was wondering wether to go for a snow theme but shrubs and trees would look out of place in their standard skins.
  14. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Yeah, most, special requests can be sorted by dark, this includes stuff like skins, doors that need to be opened etc etc.

    Just put a note in the release thread or PM him, and he'll make it happen.

    Also, Welcome to the forums
  15. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Skins are easily possible. :)

    Also added another edit:

    Also maps can be selectively filtered from that if you want.
  16. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Updated with the new Map config guide.
  17. Re: How to make a PropHunt Map.

    Updated again :P
  18. Yes, yes, quick questions:

    Can props duck to get under places standing would be too tall for or is their hitBox that of the prop? Are there any ways in which props differ from scouts (besides their appearance)?
    Also is there an easy way to test the map in propHunt mode?
  19. Geit Coding wizard!

    Props have the scouts collision model, not the collision model of the prop they are shown as. - So, Yes.
    Not really.
    Not really.
  20. Download the plugin source, comment out #define WHORE, compile and install it locally - most if not all features should work.

    Also I've got this in listenserver.cfg:

    mp_timelimit 0
    mp_winlimit 0
    mp_roundlimit 0
    mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0
    sv_cheats 1
    mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1
    tf_arena_max_streak 5
    tf_arena_use_queue 0
    tf_arena_preround_time 5

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