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    Well I've seen them on the servers, and now I see they've joined up here. afaik, |HUGE| boom, Fin4l and Taylor are the only three in...whatever it is. Just thought I'd note that in my (short) experience of them on the servers they're good players, Fin4l having dominated me many times as sniper, but they do seem to mess around :S
    Most notably Fin4l enjoys whiling away the hours spamming "i blame nekot" at every given opportunity...

    Considering I can't see any other reason for them to be on here, and the fact that they've actually put |HUGE| in their usernames indicates that they might just be here to joke around. I may be proved completely wrong but thought I'd note my experience ;)
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    Re: |HUGE|

    I think benji was / is in HUGE
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    Re: |HUGE|

    Yeah and Johnny but I think these were only brief...I asked Johnny about them and he said he didn't know :?

    Sandy will be able to confirm they were being a bit weird. ;)
  4. Re: |HUGE|

    Yeah this is true, generally spamming "I blame nekot" at the start and end of every round.
    Spamming "SEA COW"
    "did someone say SEA COW?"
    "SEA COW"

    Shut up! :)
  5. Re: |HUGE|

    well, it seems they are supporting a clan maybe? just like |gm| :?

    anyway, i haven't seen them yet on teh servers, yeah I'm busy.

    ps: also i googled "HUGE tf2 clan" can't find a HUGE clan?
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    Re: |HUGE|

    It's probably one of these things like -öl- where some friends want a group :) they seem to have some kind of connection though as they sometimes seem to spam simultaneously :?
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    idiots tbh... already told them i'll put up a "badwords" filter, the spam is annoying. Kicked one for EXCESSIVE spamming...
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    Just tell them to go join one of the other servers - that way they'd actually be helping :)
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    I noticed there's more than three HUGE members, I saw two new member today, and yes they all SPAM on the start and end of every round.
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    Re: |HUGE|

    Yeah seen more now...Madlax is one...also Taylor keeps asking what's up with GM -_-'

    Today they were out-and-out arguing with admins so Taylor got banned for 10 mins...read the logs and spyko's report if you can be bothered.

    Edit: Darki...could we make a plugin which auto-gags/kicks/whatever for certain triggers, and is modifiable on-the-fly by admins for these kind of situations? E.g. admin logs in and sets auto-gag to gag and warn when someone says any combination of both "blame" and "Nekot"? :P Ideally to avoid mess-ups it would cancel modifications when the admin leaves the server. Just an idea, don't know whether it's actually feasible. :)

    Edit 2: Just remembered they seem to have this "r u jewish" thing -_-' Alex Morrow joined and boom changed his name to "boom @ morrow r u jewish" or some such. Taylor noted that rather than being a match-playing clan or anything they are "Just a bunch of mates on vent playing tf2".
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    Re: |HUGE|

    After his wonderful response "lollipops" to having his 'no-annoyance' argument obliterated, I really must ask what we're messing about at...
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