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    If i die, can i blame you?
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    no u cant. Since YOU are to blame that you got hurt xD
    edit: and if you do what I write, you won't die too soon.
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    good one waebi, :D

    I can imagine explaining that all the time when I'm a medic.
    Some are idiots.

    but I always do my best to protect the medic behind me.
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    lol excellent stuff - thanks for the links at the bottom as well ^^
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    Excellent post Waebi. :D I used to place medic exclusively but we are really under appreciated - and I really hated the kamakazi uber! Charge forward with no exit stragegy leaves the medic too exposed.

    The main challenge in medic appears to be knowing when to deliver - I have tried running in front and looking at heavies, gestures, jumping up and down :? Any thoughts on how to Uber in 3-2-1?

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