i lol'd at this

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Tonkamania, 20 May 2009.

  1. Re: i lol'd at this

    LOL, we see how guys are in Norway, and he def. dont play TF2 :-D
  2. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: i lol'd at this

    WHAT.... THE .... FUCK !!!!

    When he'll ever kill someone, will he die too (crying to death) ???
  3. Jagamuta Cabbage was here!

    Re: i lol'd at this

    I saw that on tv a few years ago ;)
  4. LienK Wat

    Re: i lol'd at this

    Lol, yeah. Saw this on TV a couple of years ago. Was called "Gay Army" I think.

    Some of those guys tried bringing but plugs with them...
  5. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: i lol'd at this

    This is either fake or this dude is probalby the biggest fag on the whole planet = )

    Whatsoever: I lol'd ^^
  6. Re: i lol'd at this

    Lol i bet he pissed his pants

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