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    Okay... Lately, mainly since playing more matches, im starting to get very annoyed with the crits system and with 32 man servers... So.

    I was wondering do you lot think GM would ever have a 24 (or less) man server with crits off and make it more of a... skilled server. Imo it would be on rotation (cp_pro_granary, cp_gravelpit, cp_badlands, cp_well (or ctf whatever floats more peoples boats (maybe a vote or maybe both?), ctf_fastlane (i hate that map but it seems to be likes by a lot of people) and... that's about all i can think of.

    But like do you get what i mean more of a match like server and it could be used more for training as well (as seen as most of these maps are used in clan matches (maybe add more like ctf_mach4 etc?) ooo and maybe make it so if there's a clan match on the next day / week the server will mainly be on the maps that are going to be played on that clan match.

    This server would, in theory, also have rtv etc and a good voting system that always shows all the maps that can be played on the server (nothing worse than getting a vote saying what do you want 1. tc_hydro 2. ctf_well 3. ctf_2fort 4. ctf_fastlane etc when the server has just been on gravelpit when you join :()

    So, what do you lot think, also this is a complete theoretic idea so if its daft just ignore it but i'd like everyone input even if its not about it happening like what maps would you say it would have etc.

    Just satisfy my curiosity :)

    But yeah, like basics of this server is it would be a lot higher skilled competition than the 32 man servers and it would be more of a training server but not really training. You get what i mean?

    Any questions / ideas / CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is greatly appreciated :)

    And again this is just an idea :P
  2. Re: IDEA

    what i wanted quite a long time. Only problems:
    to get a regular player base on it, and
    the maps are screwed when you play with engies and stuff, stalls the game.
  3. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    Hm, maybe class limits?

    And im sure i read about a "swap class" thing somewhere :S new class limit addon thing :S

    Getting regulars should be pritty easy.

    I could spread the word around some people i know that would probably love a server like this.

    Maybe if someone feels adventurous they could make it for a test for a week or something? see how it goes :P
  4. Re: IDEA

    We'd have to add a 5th server IMO - #1-#4 are all great servers, even if they aren't always full :P
  5. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    tbh, ive not seen s1 or s4 with anyone on either for days :S i think arena has kinda died because its fun but just... like why cant it be with respawn :S ^^ tbh

    Map votes server: voting doesnt work, it keeps getting stuck on maps no one likes etc etc
  6. Re: IDEA

    Still hope we can have something like that soon. Maybe even less then 24/24...
  7. XOo

    Re: IDEA

    if there would be no krits i would be on the server I HATE KRITS
  8. Re: IDEA

    12 man no crits
    ML 1
    CL 2
    no engis/spies/pyros
    ETF2L maplist
    Yes please! However i dont think there would ever be people on it :?
  9. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    12 probably wouldn't work tbh because it would either always be full or empty because any less and it'd suck.

    Maybe 20 people? Or 16 or something?

    Dont cancel out spys etc but add a vote kick system / 30 mins vote ban system (or maybe 10) just so if theres no admins on its easy to get rid of the annoying people...

    But it seems alot of you like the idea :)

    I think it would be nice because it would kinda be like the maturity of a clan match but with the ease of a PUB.

    Plus as ive said before it would be GREAT practice.

    Ohhh maybe also add duel_duel to the list :)

    So I can stop stealing the match server :lol::twisted:
  10. Re: IDEA

    12 would fail. There's the organized 6v6 games, no way to get past them.

    If it's vanilla TF2, i play. Vanilla is *with* crits, but 24 players only. Basically the vote map server is good for it.
  11. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    Crits are so irritating though.. its like when your playing soli duels on a crits on server its so lame because its just like boom dead >_> and it takes no skills.. plus its not even practicing pritty much.

    The main idea for this server is crits off, vote etc
  12. Re: IDEA

    PuGs suck tbh, boring to play with random people.
  13. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    yeah i get what you mean, this server, theoretically, would be a pub PUG kind of thing but maybe different limits etc.

    A mixture in between PUB and PuG, kind of the best of both worlds.

    Like the maturity of a PuG (if your VERY VERY VERY lucky you might see this :P) but with the community of a PUB.

    I think this server would also give some people a taste of what matches are like (ish). Because i dont think everyone in GM has played a clan match maybe this could give them an idea of it :)
  14. Re: IDEA

    the only way to get an idea of real matches are the pugs. I guess it should be possible to get a vote thingy for crits and maps on, 12v12.
  15. Bun

    Re: IDEA

    9vs9. + Nocrits. + Official map list. = Win.
  16. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    <3 :D
  17. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    Sooo..... 3 of the leaders / deputy leaders seem to like the sound of this maybe post a version in the leader / clan bit for you all to discuss :D
  18. Re: IDEA

    I like the sound of it - maybe we could replace server #4 with your idea? It seems to be empty more often than the others, and arena mode just isn't fun any more IMO :P
  19. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    Arena mode is kinda fun... but tbh i think a large amount of TF2 players came from CS:S because CS:S is just to slow.

    So i think arena is more of a... duels idea kind of game style which i think could of been applied A LOT better...

    Here's hoping the next maps will be better. (tbh im starting to pull away from the bigger maps, i played badwater a few days ago and HATED it, i think im getting addicted to pickups :O)

    Well anyway, yeah, i agree, this would work better than arena, maybe just add arena to the map vote server (if it isnt already added)

    So go post this is the leader bit :P
  20. eoN

    Re: IDEA

    New idea, Scrap 32 man server they know i know why steam dont want 32 man servers! 30 fps and my ping (usually 30-50) is normally 80 on 32 slot servers i say GM should use 24 man server they are alot funner and alot less... havok

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