If your also gonna leave, POST HERE

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  1. If your also gonna leave, POST HERE

    No need to make thousands of topics about it

    PPl who left go with god: Disco,Th,Vacoy,Savage,apex,benito,snowdog,woo maker

    Guys its not because one of your friends leave that you NEED to go...some of the reasons ppl post are VERY true,but its up to YOU guys to make it better,i hope you actually listen this time.Its your clan..


    i say you guys have a vent meeting and talk about this
  2. You're wrong. We left because of the actions of the "managers". I and many members were happy with the old layout and private/ public community, but the people in charge changed it all without consulting us as a group. There needed to be changes: yes. But we weren't consulted as a group so it felt as through we were worthless and that there was no point in us staying. So no, we didn't let it get this way.

    You're right however to say that those members and many more not listed made GM what it was - but that's gone now. My GM is dead along with the old community.


    (Understand this isn't a flame - just an opinion! - I'm tired and I can't form proper sentences any more so it's a little bare :P)
  3. 0% agreed, now stfu asshole.

    nobody needs your silly comments tricky. and no, we don´t need your fucking ventrilo server. put it elsewhere, but don´t go on our nerves.

    please gtfo, nobody likes you ignorant asshole :)
  4. suck mah balls,im actually trying to state a point here,your being a prick right now and a little baby again...and ze flaming starts again.you have a better solution post it at the end of the day with your 0% youll still be a little zero hooligan.

    Did you even read my post?You said 0% to something true lol
  5. I can bring back the old forum at the touch of a button.

    Actually no need, it's here.

    Please don't go making posts or generally changing anything - the database is fucked up enough as it is.
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  6. Now, the new forum is epic. Seen alot of talk about changes lately, and some of the blame goes on the forum. This is bullshit tbh. The forum is epic beyond belief, and darki deservers all the credit he gets :3.

    The thing is, there was just too many changes at once, scared people :3. We should at least !!AT LEAST!! voted about all the new shit. Now ive been gone for 2 days and just got back to this mess :P, so if there was a vote taking place or anyone was informed beforehand, im sry i spoke out of place, but as far as i know it just got decided out of the blue. I really love this clan/community and ill be a part of it as long as its up and running :3.

    And yes, tricky, a vent meeting before the changes took place would have made a huge difference. I'm all for "saving" the clan. But there doesnt seem to be any support left :<. With everyone leaving and shit.
  7. to be honest all this silly immaturity doesn't help issues either
  8. We need a mass public rejoining - that'll have the same (opposite) effect of everyone leaving en masse.
  9. Wow i cant belive the difference, just looking at the old forum makes me really sad about leaving
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  10. Grendal Tricky does have/make a good point a meetin in vent for people to air what they wanted to happen would have been a great idea.

    So dont make personal commets, becasue u dont like him.

    Do un to other as you would have done un to you.
  11. im being hypocritical.. but i left the clan but am still part of the community awhile back. nothing has really changed since then. why should it have such a dramatic effect?

    you can still play with the people u enjoy being with. GM was just a basis

    many people have alot of real life shizzle to sort out so dont blame them if they have more important things to do.

    This GM is the same GM as it was. tell me whats significantly different about it?
  12. you start the flaming always, now did I do it for you.
    if you want you can come to me, so we can deal it in the way I normally deal with things.

    but you are just a little pussy who has to make her dick 10cm longer while flaming at everything else on forums.

    you are just a loser tricky.
  13. Grendal please read trickys post.. and when you did that, go .. yourself.

    tricky posted something that is true.
  14. Oh god. Grendal, tricky, take this outside. Tricky was right about what he wrote. Dont let ur personal differences get the best of you, i mean.. how old are yo guys?

    Get on topic or GET THERR FUDGE OUT :3 (not that i have the means to force you out or whatever :3)
  15. Yeah that was pretty much what I thought when I started making all these changes. :/

    Looks like I was wrong though. :(
  16. wow good to see the old forums again, i thought wednesday night was my last chance :)

    go take some screenshot of them if ya want teh memories.

    but srsly we dont need two forums.

    +1 what dog sed.
  17. and thats exactly the point... the sooner people realise this the better =P
  18. im not trying to flame but im not gonna get told by a 14year old who doesnt read the forum but just looks at the names and goes kaboom...anyways on topic again...i see ppl actually read what i said and came to a conclusion
  19. Also, most people leaving arent REALLY leaving, they just choose not to wear the tag in search for a clan with a more competative spirit, most of them will still be on the forums and on the servers playan and shite. Maybe gm is more suited as a community than anything :3, we'll just see. Either way works fine with me.

    "When sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead!"

    Aye, i wasnt focusing my nerd-rage on u, it was mostly towards grendal, he started flaming totally unprovoked.
  20. You seem to be the one who does not read, if you did you wouldn´t call me 14yo lol. But why the hell do I care about some arse who is even called by one of his teammates (and last deputy leader of GM) a "ignorant dickhead"?

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