Im leaving GM - Walking Target

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Walking Target, 24 Nov 2008.

  1. Im leaving GM - Walking Target

    I find the current teams cannot provide me with the opportunity to grow as quickly as I would like to or even have the room to fit me in (they already have enough people if I joined I would simply be pushing people into the background which isnt fair), im leaving to go find an clan in in etf2l div4/3 so I can progress and improve my gameplay in TF2. Ive had plenty of fun with gm-z/we are (whichever you prefer), and mixing with the F team so I hope you improve and move up the divisions.

    Oh ill still hang around and play or merc for you so dont hesitate to talk to me on steam.

    Good luck and have fun guys.
  2. eoN

    Re: Im leaving GM - Walking Target

    Aw :( its a pitty you had to leave but i get why and stuff so good luck in div 4/3 ;) You should easily find a good team and as you know i wont hesitate to irritate you on steam about mixes ;) so keep in contact :)
  3. Re: Im leaving GM - Walking Target

    gl and hf mate ;)

    see u around in-game
  4. Re: Im leaving GM - Walking Target

    good luck n have fun mate, was nice playing with u.
    maybe if ur still playing warhammer in a year or so, might join u again =)

    see you around man, enjoy w/e u get up 2 ^^
  5. Th-

    Re: Im leaving GM - Walking Target

    GL man, and perhaps I recognize your voice in vent later when we play mixes.

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