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  1. Infection rate

    Hi lads! I was sitting and thinking last night about zombies (as always :lol:) and it struck my mind that regular zombies on the GM servers dont have infection rate...
    That made me sad... :( I mean its kinda easy to run around and kill zombies on a map like cabin for instance, its not so easy to stay clear of wounds though. Perhaps it would b more fun if regular zombies had 10% chance of infecting and the carrier 60%?
    Perhaps that would make it more fair and hopefully much more fun as well?
    GM now has 3 servers why not make one of them a bit more hardcore?
    I dont know, what do u guys think?
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    Re: Infection rate

    Sounds like it could be intersting :D however, the variant for 'infectionrate' is just coded for the carrier, so it might take some tweaking to get your average zombo doing it too.
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    The infection rate (copied from server.cfg)

    infected_turntime 1 //<time in minutes>
    infection_chance 30 //<[0, 100] percent chance>

    The rate is 30% and after you get infected you will only survive for one minute.

    I'll change it on the server to the following:

    Server #1 -IP 20% Infection rate - 1 Minute turntime

    Server #2 -IP 50% Infection rate - 1.5 Minute turntime

    Server #3 -IP 100% Infection rate - 0.5 Minute turntime

    This is how it will stay.. for now..

    If you have a nice suggestion about the servers, please make a new topic and explain it as clearly as possible.

    Yeah Server #3 is very hardcore atm
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    I still think 30% infection for carrier and 0% for normal zombies was perfect...
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    Ive been playing alot on Legends servers now since the GM's servers are not responding... Why is this, and will it change soon?

    Anyhow, they have a really hardcore atmosphere since zombies have 50 more hp and the infection rate is 99% for carier and 10% for normal zombies.
    I do agree with the fact that 50 exta hp is a bit too much.
    But I really love the fact that regular zombies have a slime chance of infecting people! Is this possible for GM's servers as well? And if so do the rest of the crew think about this?
    Last question might be a bit ofTopic: We really have to inform about the rtv system!
    We have alot of noobs on our servers who dont know about this and dont understand that its the only way to change map.
    Perhaps it would be a good idea to give some more admins the power to trigger map votes as well?
  6. Re: Infection rate

    To change infection rate possible type in chat "inf"
    About hp: well not good idea give zombies move health, becouse i think it's enough, it be unfair when one zombie will kill half of human team or just zombies will take down everyone with pistol. (Remember ppk can kill 200 hp in 7 shots / headshot)
    Normal zombies infection, well with it something possible to do...
  7. eoN

    Re: Infection rate

    The dedi is being fixed as we speak ;)

    And why not just make a reminder every 10-15 minutes about how to change the map?
  8. Re: Infection rate

    I think better will have motd anyway. Too many things to tell =/ (rtv, inf, darkishock, list of admins, nominate etc)
  9. eoN

    Re: Infection rate

    Make a few ! commands like !help, !admins (list of admins), etc
  10. Re: Infection rate

    Found on Help menu (can show admins online and rules in menu)...

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