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Installing prophunt

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Zaphod, 29 Sep 2010.

  1. Zaphod Help plz!!!

  2. Twiz Dat real-life scout.

    You don;t actually have to manually install anything, that's the beauty of TF2's in-game download thing.

    Just be sure to go (in-game in tf2) to options -> multiplayer and change the dropdown box to "allow all custom files".

    After that, simply connect to a prophunt server (preferrably the Gm one, of course :3) and it'll automatically download/install all files properly.

    If it doesn't let you download a file, either keep trying to connect for a few more times, or try deleting the file from c:\program files\steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf if you already have the file that is bugging.

    There are always enough people around here, so feel free to ask any further questions ^^
  3. AgentDoubleF I just wanna make you go pop..

    i do believe he's asking for his own server twiz..
  4. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    Thanks Twiz,

    But yes I am trying to set up a server.
    I uploaded all files last night to spare dir.
    Now its just a case of where to distrubute the hook files, scripting, etc, maps to maps, sounds to sounds, the rest in the addon/sourcemod folder?
  5. Luna GM's Meme Queen.

    SDK Hooks goes into the addons/sourcemod folder and the folders in the PHResourcePack into the team fortress 2\tf folder.
  6. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    One stupid question, can this be turned off?

    (I assume no, we will use a seperate server but I am just curious)

    Thanks again

  7. Twiz Dat real-life scout.

    Fail on my part >.>

    I'm not savvy on setting up servers :/
  8. Luna GM's Meme Queen.

    Prophunt can be turned off via the ph_enable 0 command
  9. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    its says on the allied mod page
    "Ensure your server and arena config are as barebones as possible. (Also check mp_idledealmethod is not set to 1; only 0 and 2 are compatible)"
    But I can't find mp_idledealmethod defined in the arena or server config.
    any ideas?
  10. Then you're fine - the default is almost certainly 0
  11. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    I have source mod & meta mod working, copied over all files hooks, maps, extensions, etc.

    I feel stupid where I get the actual plugin? (.smx)

    This link is broken / says it won't compile?


    Found it! Its half way down

  12. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    Now I have 2 scripts to be executed by admin in game "prophunt-on" & off
    they are in the config dir
    but I need to add their names to a text file or list, does any one know where?

    Thanks for the help thus far!
  13. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    Well its up & running!!

    The sounds are downloaded by players but are not played at the appropriate time?

    I'm sure its me but any ideas?

  14. Twiz Dat real-life scout.

    I have this too sometimes, but at the GM server :/

    Nothing you can do about it I guess except make sure that you have set it to allow all files and not filter out custom sounds.

    If dark manages to respond you'll get an answer that actually makes sense tho, so wait for that xD
  15. Check sv_pure is set to 0, or your pure_server_whitelist.txt is set up correctly to allow the sounds (and sv_pure is 1)
  16. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    sv_pure was 2 (a scrim server)
    I tried setting the sv_pure to 1 then adding the sound files dir to my white list
    then tried just setting the sv_pure to 0
    The sound files were mp3 I tried the wave file type that hldj uses....
    What form should the sound files be?
    Still trying, thanks Guys!
  17. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    okay sv_pure 1 added sound dir of download server to whilelist
    deleted local files, they were download on joining server
    but I only hear the sound of a scout being found, not dying or only one left.
    I tried other servers & did not hear it on one server but heard it on others (the "last scout" "snake" mp3)

    (Note the orginal sound file format was fine.)
    Any ideas?
  18. Zaphod Help plz!!!

    Just a note in regards to the sound file issue,

    I renamed the soundfiles to the other file names
    "snake" to "last scout" & VS

    then named them back after testing in game.
    And it worked fine... (go figure)

    Anyway thanks for all your help guys

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