Intel Processors

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Which one is better?

  1. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600-2.4 GHz

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  2. Intel Core 2 Duo E8500-3.16 GHz

  1. Intel Processors

    yes, I'm getting a new processor. 8-)

    -Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600-2.4 GHz

    -Intel Core 2 Duo E8500-3.16 GHz

    I'm getting lots of information, good and bad points about both processors

    which one would be better?

    which one is worth it?


    ps: I hope I can get some feedback from quad cores users(if there's any) :?
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Intel Processors

    Darki uses a Q6600.

    The old dedi also used one.

    Don't know much more than that. :P
  3. Re: Intel Processors

    Actually I use a E6850 :P

    I wish I'd got a Q6600 at the time though as it was around the same price D:
  4. Ash

    Re: Intel Processors

    I'm using Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600-2.4 GHz overclocked to 3ghz can be overclocked further but i have no need to they are versatile for overclocking
  5. Re: Intel Processors

    none, E8400 ftw and it's more than enough if you don't do loads of video encoding and can be overclocked to 4ghz
  6. Re: Intel Processors

    E8500 is not an option.
    Go for the E8400. :)
  7. Re: Intel Processors

    you know E8400 is the same prices as Q6600 :|

    and the E8500 is more expensive than both of them?

  8. Re: Intel Processors

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600-2.4 GHz :mrgreen:
  9. Re: Intel Processors

    btw i just find out that Q6600(2007) is older than the E8500(2008).
    which means the newer the better isn't it?

    oh, what comes to mind in quad cores is the lack of compatibilities.
  10. Re: Intel Processors

    the only games that shows significant differences with quad core processors are GTA4, Saints Row 2 and Supreme Commander... almost all other games are fine with two cores and in this case 8400 is pretty much the same speed or faster (cuz of the higher core speed)
  11. Re: Intel Processors

    I'm close to be getting a Q6600


    will make a final decision after 13:00pm ;)
  12. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Intel Processors

    Get the Quad Core processor ! It is worth it, trust me ....... if you wanna play GTA4 on PC, a Dual Core is allready not enough (bad portation to PC >_> ) ... as well as some additional performance in some games ....
  13. Re: Intel Processors

    ordered the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600.

    my other quad core option was the AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core


  14. Ash

    Re: Intel Processors

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 is a really nice CPU.. I used to have a render server for rendering my 3D work.. I now just do the renders on this and carry on with my work at the same time without even noticing any strain..

    It's also a safe bet to go for the Quad Core for future gaming because most games are now being designed to be compatible with multicores.. I've been doing some level design and character design work on a game that I cant say much about because its still in ideas stage and hasn't been press released and it requires dual core 2.4ghz minumum to run the game because of the amount of things going on and the detail of everything.. I'll give more info about it when im allowed to because its a fairly new idea for a game and they don't know if its going to work or cost to much to maintain.
  15. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Intel Processors

    I've got a duo core (2.13GHZ) and GTA4 works good enough for me, (everything on medium, view distance 25%) amd I've got a NVidia Gforce98000 GT :S
  16. Re: Intel Processors

    I got a QX6700 Quad which is blinding for want of a better word, i would recommend tho, if you go for a socket 775 Processor that you bin the stock HSF and go for and after market cooler, i use an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 and under load it maxes out at 50 Degrees C
  17. Re: Intel Processors

    I'm still gonna use my OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler, same for me- on idle is around 24c and never ever over 50c 8-)

    cpu and motherboard arrived today.

    Too busy atm, gonna installed it on Friday.(no college) :)
  18. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Intel Processors

    Well, im really happy with my QX6850 @ 3.2 Ghz :P

    I think the Q6600 is a good all round CPU which also has a some headroom to get some nice overclock.
  19. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Intel Processors

    Ye... but I am a graphic's fetishist, and I just hate it, if i cant set everything at Maximum settings. GTA4 is some kind of "Special", not really overwhelming graphics (like Crysis) but way higher requirements (even more like Crysis !!) .... Q9550 @ 3,825 GHz, 2x 2 GiB DDR2 @ 450/900 Mhz (sync. with Frontside-Bus), XFX GeForce GTX 285 Black Edition ..... well, first: The game is running =) (on comparable systems it might not work, a few weeks ago, really neede luck that the game is even starting) .... Settings all @ Max., except sight distance, which is limited @ 50%, because have "not enough VRAM" -> lol ! 1024 MiB and still not enough .... i think i should have ported that game on PC, would have been running faster then this shit that 2 junkies at Rockstar seem to have done ... i mean ... the performance is just pathetic for the graphics you see ! Now, you really have to wait until the next generation of grapchis cards so that you can set the sight higher, just because the new GeForces/Radeons are rumoured to have more VRAM ...... a 9600GT is btw. allready enough for GTA4 (my favoured Hardware Site tested that), all you need is a card with 2 Gig of VRAM =)

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