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  1. Creating a sticky thread for this as it's not very well known, or at least not really used by anyone.

    If you happen to use IRC, please consider joining our channel #gamingmasters on

    The available commands when chatting in IRC are provided by the DSock bot and are identical to Kirino in Mumble:

    ~ before your message: Send message to DSock network (Slothbox, IRC and all game servers)
    # before your message: Send message to Slothbox

    In addition the DSock bot will relay all slothbox and DSock messages into IRC for full two-way communication.
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  2. You should add a faster way to connect to this through the navigation on the top, like a popdown on Slothbox would have a link to the IRC, could be cool anyways.
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  3. Miz

    12:19:19  -- | irc: connecting to server
    12:20:19 =!= | irc: timeout
    12:20:19  -- | irc: reconnecting to server in 10 seconds
    12:20:29  -- | irc: reconnecting to server...
    12:20:29  -- | irc: connecting to server
  4. derp is actually
  5. spidEY シスコン

    I recommend CIRC for chatting. It's a simple IRC client packaged as a Chrome application, which means if Google Chrome or Chromium are supported by your operating system, CIRC will work on it as well. It's painfully easy to setup and it'll even remember the last servers and channels you were on and join them for you.
    • Install the application through the Chrome Web Store and launch it.
    • Set your nickname with /nick <nickname>
    • Join the QuakeNet server with /server
    • Join the Gaming Masters channel with /join #gamingmasters
    For a list and description of more IRC commands, consult this tutorial.
  6. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    Well, so much for "Chrome can never have an IRC client because of how it works". Good job random Google employee.

    If you're using firefox, I would suggest Chatzilla
  7. Why quakenet? :(
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  8. DanCousins Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    Since this has been bumped, can we get the # and ~ commands working again?

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