It´s been a good time...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Grendal, 11 Apr 2009.

  1. It´s been a good time...

    ...but my time here is over.

    I joined GM about one month after it was founded. GM was a young aspiring clan at this time, it was all about having fun. I did not come in cause I am a good player, I never was one and I am still not one, especially because my motherboard is fucked up so I can´t play any TF2 right now. I came in cause I just fit into the GM family. I remember epic TF2 sessions with you guys. But since core and myke are gone GM changed more and more. The having fun with a bit competition style changed to a competition with "let the guys who just want to have fun rot somewhere" style. The whole atmosphere changed, and I don´t see a need for me anymore.

    It was a great feeling to be part of GM even in the worsest situations, thanks for that experience. I will definetly stick around the forums, and when I will be able to play again the servers.

    I would like to thank Disco, core, waebi, Myke, Vacoy, Beau, iBunny, Darki, overdrive and everyone I may have forgotten to list up for a really great time.

  2. Re: It´s been a good time...

    I understand how you mean by "it was like a family", I had that feeling too.

    There was some good memories back then, they cannot be forgotten, but changes happen, and you can't plan the same memories again. it happens when there's a moment.

    but I moved on, like core and everyone else did.

    It a great and fun experience/playing with new members.

    gl in the future grend, and hope you get ur motherboard working again.

    ps: I had a feeling about this, no offence- it was either you're used to the "GM family style" or you don't get along with the new members & the community.

  3. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: It´s been a good time...

    eek I hope I dont give that impression, I left my old clan because it basically turned into what you're sayign GM is, I personally dont agree, GM is a great fun place for example, the clan stackers where out in full force last night with, disco, falc, micky, bennett all on same team but it was hilarious watching them fail :P especially when they used two ubers againt my fists!

    probably not wise to make the decision when you cant play tf2, get your mobo working and come join us

    Gm is still a fun place to be!
  4. Re: It´s been a good time...

    Yeah poor disco and his team didn't stand a chance with me as spy and you as heavy on the other team XD
  5. Re: It´s been a good time...


    You already know how I feel about this :( If you could get your PC fixed and played with some of these guys then you would see what nice people they are, and I think vice versa :)

    I am sorry that you feel this clan has let you down. I feel I have let you down too. Good luck with the future, I hope things work out well for you.

    Take Care

  6. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: It´s been a good time...

    Yea, not rly that much I can say since we talked for hours and hours on steam.
    You know how I feel about this, and it sucks. However, just get your mobo working and join me eh ^^ (safe some darn money, don't spend all of it on beer :P)
  7. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: It´s been a good time...

    Argh. Greeeeend :cry:

    Goodbye and good luck man but please come back :)
  8. Ray

    Re: It´s been a good time...

    Everyones leaving :(
    I haven't been around from the beginning but it sure is sad to see another one of us leave. Do stick around on the forums.
  9. Th-

    Re: It´s been a good time...

    Ah nobody should be sad seeing people come and go. TF2 is just a hobby, and when people feel its time to move on, its more of good news that bad. Since the day I joined I remember at least the following members leaving

    Styhn, NeoET, Sigma, Temenus, Pairy Henis, William Murderface, Mextor, Kj, Waebi(leader), Genesis, Myke(leader), Bamm, Mcpeanut, Tricky, Eon, Bun, Zero.nL(leader), terribleone, Spitfire, MJfire (the last 2 might be the same person), seXsi, kittydumpling, kutale, Alpha, XO, Ezur, chris, Vanish

    They number 28 in 12 months, which means that on average we should have someone leaving every 2 weeks, so no need to get too emotional. It's life. Farewell Grendel, and GL with future endeavors
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: It´s been a good time...

    Alot of the people in your list didn't actually leave, but rather disappeared, and some of them weren't even clan members.

    Cya grendal, you were great, don't be a stranger, your always welcome.
  11. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: It´s been a good time...

    bye bye grenamwtfbbq ^_^ we will miss yous
  12. Re: It´s been a good time...

    ok, after talking a lot with Disco and Vacoy, I decided to set myself to inactive, still not wearing the tag and Disco degrades my forum rang to "private community member", so I still know what is going on, but actually I am still more out than in :)
  13. Re: It´s been a good time...

    forget everything I said, thanks to shrews little proggy I am able to play again. so I may get in contact with the regulars again!

    I am back in da show :)
  14. Re: It´s been a good time...

    it's drew software? 0.o

    Welcome Back :mrgreen:
  15. Re: It´s been a good time...

    no but he showed it to me :D

    thanks mate ;)

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