It looks that my windows 7 doesn' like TF2

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Buratinho, 20 Sep 2009.

  1. Have you tried killing absolutely all processes (while keeping windows alive) and checking if it does any difference? Also look up for some tools for logging cpu/network/hdd usage (or if possible overlay over tf2). See if anything spikes while lag happens. Also check if you're not getting any loss and/or choke (net_graph 3).
    Also is your broadband configurable?

    Mine for example I can set up for gaming (which lowers the ping) or for something else (which increase the speed). While the ping option works it makes TF2 choppy, so I'm on the second setting which gets my ping in between 25-60 (as opposed to 15-25) but game run smoothly.

    The other thing I can think of is crappy congestion ratio on your broadband and when more people are using the internet your speed will jump up and down causing lag.

    Sorry If it's been said before (thread too long - didn't read)
  2. mmm ive been having some problems with tf2, my broadband has a gaming mode that is turned on, ill turn it off and see
  3. Buratinho Активный Член

    i disabled almost all the processes which windows allowed me to , but it didn't help much:(
    take a look at my demo a few posts before, maybe u know what's wrong with my performance
  4. Have you tried removing one of your RAM chips?
  5. Buratinho Активный Член

  6. Mr.HeLL O_O

  7. Buratinho Активный Член

  8. Geit Coding wizard!

  9. Buratinho Активный Член

    thx geit, but fastjohn has already suggested to use it...
  10. Knud Phat beats only

    Time to buy new PC Bura.
    Or new DSL connection or new Win7.
  11. Buratinho Активный Член

    i never search the easy ways:)
  12. Gaw discord is my friend now

    who the hell is that guy in your avatar anyways, is it that guy from prison break
  13. yep it's William Fichtner, and the pic is from the dark knight movie
  14. Buratinho Активный Член

    one of my favourite actors
  15. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Aha, thought it was from the dark knight alright, and it's also the guy from prison break, well that's just a plus! That's been bugging me ever since I saw your avatar D:


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