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  1. JohnLeeH

    well, i´m around playing on your servers for some time now and since i really like whats going on there i´d like to give some background on myself.

    My Name is Tom - probably you know my (if you do) by the Nick JohnLeeHooker.
    I´m a 21 y old guy (yeah sorry - no girl ;) ) living in the south of germany.

    I used to play TFC alot but eventually switched over to World of Warcraft. I started to play TF2 by it´s release but cuz of a bad PC i couldn´t do really much.
    Mid of this year i bought a new pc and some weeks ago i thought of TF2 and to try it again with a new pc. for me it´s a lot of fun to play right now.

    I don´t know how i found the GM servers but i really like them. For me it´s really hard to find good crowded servers with nice pings and nice peoples.
    For me yours is the no. 1 to join when i´m online (just remember the disco night!!! :D)

    My fav class are:

    4. Engi
    3. Medic (though i´m not that bad at medic -hopefully)
    2. Heavy
    1. Pyro

    As i´have not played that much in the past i´m not that good right now but it keeps getting better.

    So well.. that´s it. Just wanted to write something cause i think it´s nice to get to know with who you are fooling around.

    see you on the servers

  2. Re: JohnLeeH

    I've seen you on quite a bit these past few weeks, welcome :)
  3. Re: JohnLeeH

    Welcome to the community buddy :)

    You will find a great range of people here, from the fun and serious public game players to the serious match team player who have TF2 league experience.

    Take time to browse our forums, to see whats going on and what our members get up to :)

    If you feel you want to join us then please read our recruitment policy. It's quite tough, but if you need help there are guys (and girls) on here who are very skilled and can show you the ropes.


    Disco :)
  4. eoN

    Re: JohnLeeH

    Welcome to the forum, for some reason i think ive been on the server with you before, maybe a month ago or something :S

    Is your nickname []JohnLeeHooker?

    With the little brackets at the front :S

    Anyyyway welcome and yeah there are alot of really good heavys who would probably be willing to give you a hand but theres also medics (pissmidget is my medic god <3) :)

    So good luck and i hope you decide to join :D
  5. Re: JohnLeeH

    thanks for the warm welcome

    yeah it´s []JohnLeeHooker or right now []JohnLeeDisco (i really dunno why :D)

    as for the brackets.. in tfc it was used that others can see ur clanless and was required on certain servers. so i brought it over.

    Let´s see what the future holds. Right now i only play for fun and had not the intetion about joing a clan etc. - but damn it it´s really fun with you guys ;) looking forward for some dustbowl rounds later today.
    so lets see :)

    greetings from bavaria

    ps: mic is working (hopefully) - so .. catch you later
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    See you around on the servers, welcome to GM :)
  7. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: JohnLeeH

    Welcome. Disco daaaaamn you better not go all formal on us!

    Use the disco. Peace out.
  8. Re: JohnLeeH

    welcome to the GM forums m8 ;)
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    John Lee Hooker (senior though) was a famous blues musician - pretty simple i play guitar / blues by myself - so thats why i chose the nick

    but jazz was not too far: )

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