jus a quick suggestion of training maps

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  1. jus a quick suggestion of training maps

    just wanted to find out what u guys thought about having a practice map with alot of jumping both myself and shrew both was on till 2am doing it this morning and we believe that it might improve ones game and movement take a quick look at the map we was on http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/72527 and to be honest its not a bad map bit challenging but hey we have to get there lol
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    Re: jus a quick suggestion of training maps

    Yes all the training maps are good practice. They are usually overcomplicated and way too hard to resemble normal match play BUT the good thing is they train your jumping to a such a high level that the normal stuff you do in matches will become a walk in the park.

    For basics, try rj_rckteer
    For advanced go to rj_rckteer_adv, jump_pagoda, jump_hobo and jump_hobo2
    For airshots go to tr_airshot_v0 and tr_rocket_shooting2

    HF and GL...
  3. Re: jus a quick suggestion of training maps

    what came to my mind when looking at that map:- tomb raider :P there was a similar map like that in the training modes

    Just dl it now

    anyway yea there are loads of other maps like the ones th mention.

    im sure geit will upload it to the dedi

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