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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by eoN, 9 Nov 2008.

  1. eoN

    Just an idea

    But i think all GM members should have admin and the community members that want admin should either strive to join the clan or work to be a trusted community members (for example Tom Hackers or Spykodemon, both help with code etc and do favors for GM as a clan so they are rewarded with admin).

    I personally believe if this was implemented there would be no need for admin to be given out to random people that play on the GM servers. If you dont trust someone enough to have them as a trusted community member they shouldnt be trusted with admin because i doubt people that get abuse by admins will come back to GM servers and i doubt they will tell their friends about them. So why risk it? If you want GM servers to be popular and to thrive then everyone that plays on them should be treated with respect by the admins no matter what skill level etc. I think to be a trusted community member should be easier if we are going to have quite a strict recruitment system (our current one doesn't account for any ZP:S players but yet we have 5 ZP:S servers).

    Why not make a ZP:S team? I doubt there will be much competition but it might be fun and it would get GM more members. (This would only happen if ZP:S is still popular after L4D is released (so don't think it should be implemented now).

    Also while we are on the topic is GM going to become (partly) a L4D clan? With L4D teams?
    If so I'll thinking about buying L4D a little more.

    To sum up all GM members should have limited admin, if they are trusted enough to be members they should be trusted enough to look after the GM servers.

    I would like everyone's opinions on this.

    And this is just to satisfy my curiosity so don't think for one minute the leaders will implement this. Its just an idea maybe if everyone likes it they might think about it but i would also like some people criticism about it :P (if you want your criticism to be anonymous message me on steam and I'll post it here ;)

    Also I really do think there should be more trusted community members (by that I mean members of the community who do a lot for the clan but are not necessary at a high enough skill level to play for GM. Maybe give them their own little tag or something :P.
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    *sigh* this started cos of the crazy aim guy or whatever.

    so this is more talking about NOT giving out admin powers to random ppl on zps servers?

    It's tom and spyk/dark--- who mainly plays on the server should know who to trust etc, but alot of ppl(not me) get angry quickly when they get infected/ stealing all the ammo :evil:

    GM is mainly a TF2 clan and subs r ZPS and L4D(maybe?)
  3. eoN

    Re: Just an idea

    Partially but mainly because of something Darki said somewhere (cant remember where) about how he thinks all GM members should have admin, and i agree. I've got nothing against ZP:S players but admin should not be given out like candy, full stop.

    If they bugger up the worst you can do is ban them and they wont really care, they can just find another server?

    Where as if someone in clan buggers up then they can be punished properly. It also annoys me that this is the reason why i had the idea for the warning system in the first place. So people can be punished without losing their admin or without being kicked out of GM. Personally i think if we dont use it properly why is it there?

    If i get 2 warnings for flaming someone what should someone get for abusing admin?

    I personally believe his admin should of been taken away, AT LEAST temporarily while the leaders investigated Tenchi Jin's allegations but this wasn't done. Also it shouldn't just be a question of one persons trust, Darki unless your willing to take responsibility if he balls up again then I wouldn't say you trust him if I where you. I've posted before about my idea that if someone is given admin they should have a sponsor in GM who would tell them whats wrong and right etc.

    Also why are there no rules as to what you can and cant do as an admin? Why aren't the ZP:S admins using the admin section to report when they have banned someone etc? Shouldn't there be a log of why people where banned etc with specific reasons, as in not just "Admin Disrespect". I think if someones banned and its not for an obvious reason (eg mic spamming) there should be a post saying "<name> has been banned because they where <reason>, <evidence>" etc. This should be for everyone in my opinion. It stops people from abusing admin. Maybe make it 1 star warning if you ban someone for a stupid reason or if you don't report that you have banned them.

    But seriously why isn't there a list of rules saying what admins shouldn't do? At least someone write up some guide lines.
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    Well all GM clan members can become a admin. "ONLY GM CLAN MEMBERS CAN APPLY TO BECOME AN ADMIN!"

    I agree with that.

    well, an admin will make sure the players obey the GM rules, that's admin's job
    . ;)

    yea there should be an ZPS admin report section
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  5. eoN

    Re: Just an idea

    Im meaning wheres the guidelines for the admins not what the admins should be admining.

    So how do the admins know whats admin abuse and whats not?

    There should be a simple list of rules, if they are broken then the admin is punished.
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    well m8, if a player want to be an admin, it will know not to mess with the admin powers by slaying/kicking/timebomb etc other players.---- that's admin abuse(right core)

    admin powers is not a fun toy to just do what ever you like.

    you, eoN post what you think a guidelines for the admins should be ;)

    come on we need some comments from others.
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    Guidelines don't have to be absolutely set in stone, it's impossible to cover every single instance. It's common sense to see if someone abusing their admin powers judging from the situation.
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  8. eoN

    Re: Just an idea

    Can ZP:S admins see that?
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    Nope, ZP:S admins cannot and it would be impractical to add every single ZPS:S admin to the "server admin" forum group.

    We're more lenient when it comes to ZP:S and our main priority is with the TF2 servers at this moment.

    EDIT: I copied a topic into the ZP:S admin app section.
  10. Re: Just an idea

    In response to your original post, currently GM clan members can freely apply to become an admin as posted here. I'm not going to give out admin powers to every single GM clan member as some don't wish to have that role, it should be by request.

    On the other hand, we are lenient when it comes to giving out ZP:S admin powers since we consider that game to be subsidiary.
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    I forgot about that, I mean I remember that was there When to kick/ban list around here. :P

    core, you could add that list to the ZPS admins join request section cos that applies to ZPS too
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    For ZP:S, anyone who is active and seems "okay" we'll accept, if they screw up, we'll take action.

    For TF2, we are obviously more stringent, only GM clan members can apply to become an admin.

    We're balancing time, effort and focus.
  13. eoN

    Re: Just an idea

    Hm, i personally think thats a bad way to look at ZP:S admining and it could lose the servers alot of people if people abuse and no one see's it.
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    From now on I think we should only accept ZPS admins that offer something towards the GM servers, for example an exclusive map - like Crazyaim did (zpo_snowy_cabin_v1-11 & final, and an upcoming objective map).

    Also, new ZPS admins should have to be friendly with other clan members (blue and me in Crazyaim's case) so we have a good idea of their personality.
  15. eoN

    Re: Just an idea

    I kinda agree but i dont know it could be harsh on people without coding skills or map making skills who are nice, responsible people...

    Maybe steal my idea for the 'buddy system' so that ZP:S admins have someone to kind of 'show them the ropes' etc, this doesn't just teach them what they should and shouldn't do but it also gives the 'buddy' a good idea of their personality and their suitability for administrating the ZP:S servers, just so everyone stands a chance, but i would say yes to prioritizing people that can give something back to GM in the long run (not just things like maps but maybe also if their very inventive etc but also people that do things like mod-making or coding, etc ^^)
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    Yeah maybe just have the requirement of getting to know other GM members :)
  17. eoN

    Re: Just an idea

    Yeah i know, but the ones who do make an effort deserve some ... reward... if you get what i mean.

    Also i still dont understand how you can trust someone with the RCON and not let them be in the clan... :?
  18. Re: Just an idea

    Well they been here long than you, and they just helping the clan especially the zp:s, and they don't want join (well i think spyk/tom wants to join but due to new rules u knw)

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