Just plain anoying

Discussion in 'Zombie Panic: Source' started by Kamineko, 13 Aug 2008.

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  1. Just plain anoying

    Ok theres a guy called EMPTY on the server and he keeps telling people were others are after he dies like seen in the Screenshot. Seen in the screenshot is empty changing his name to tell people were the last zombies / survivors are.

    This is really anoying because you will be either hunting someone or hiding and he just gives you away.

    On top of his anoying name changing and stuff he also majorly ammo / gun hordes and never helps others as this is a team based game i think he just needs to be slaped for this kinda actions.

    I didnt get his steam id because everytime i asked no one tells you how to do it.
    So if i see him again i'll put his ID up for you.

    Thank you for reading hope you take the right action on this arse of a human.

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  2. Re: Just plain anoying

    how to get their id: type status in console ;)
    Seems to be indeed rather annoying, im sure someone will do something about it.
    < Has no authority on ZPS so cant help you :)
  3. Re: Just plain anoying

    ye get their ID's, it's annoying and shouldnt be in.

    Also it's VERY easy to do ;)
  4. Re: Just plain anoying

    Ok guys amazing as I am I do have to say :D

    Heres his Steam ID : # 535 "empty" STEAM_0:0:13080828 02:04 130 0 active

    Sorry about the long wait.
    Hope this is delt with.

  5. Re: Just plain anoying

    Totally offtopic: Azumanga Daioh ftw. :D
  6. Re: Just plain anoying

    how about idiots is not helping team? Instead of rushing the survivors in garage,yellow blue etc...you camp as zombie. This game is waste of time and it makes it even worse when a zombie camps. I dont know what the point is to camp as zombie at 1 zombie vs 5 survivors :/. The survivors is going out to get health,shitload of ammo and guns, then you little tiny pathetic zombie with 200hp vs riffles/magnum trying to camp,wasting others time. fuck u!
  7. Re: Just plain anoying

    Then why the f*ck are you playing it ?

    If you don't like the game just shut up and stop playing, stop spamming forums and stop complaining.

    Alot of people like this game, so don't play this game if you don't have time...
  8. Re: Just plain anoying

    I think its depend on map style, its not his problem or players (camping), for example there is no point camp as zombie on zpo maps, coz of unlimited lives, also on zps style there is some point play "spy style". =\
  9. Re: Just plain anoying

    Tom you clearly didn't get what I meant..

    He was flaming us and I flamed him back... he doesn't like ZP: S and is spamming our forums with it...

    P.S Tom.. assuming your not English.. it would be great if you could write.. a little more understandable
  10. Re: Just plain anoying

    Ye ye i try...
  11. Re: Just plain anoying

    How exactly I'm spamming the forums? That was my first comment of "Flaming" which isn't even flaming. Calling me spammer is...something you have found by ur self. Get a clue what spamming is!!!!
  12. eoN

    Re: Just plain anoying

    Spamming doesnt always mean going "agafdpgnadfp" it also means talking outyourarse(sorrymyspacekeyjustbrokeffs>.<)


  13. Re: Just plain anoying

    No, its not true eoN u dumbass, dont teach me stuff. you dont call me a spammer just because I posted one negative post. Alpha you sound like you know everything. It is "the forum" not "forums" because this is the only forum I "spammed" as you say.
  14. Re: Just plain anoying

    relax here, m'kay...
  15. eoN

    Re: Just plain anoying

    >_> no offence but your an idiot seriously go away and stop spamming the GM forum if your looking for a fight go look on another forum please.

    k thx >_>
  16. Re: Just plain anoying

    he brought in his opinion, which is ok. The WAY he did it wasnt. Thats why you were treated like this. So both parties relax and play the game. We look at serious stuff like spammers/hackers/whatever on the servers, but behave when reporting them.

    thx & end it.
  17. Re: Just plain anoying

    LOCKED, don't need this crap.
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