Just to tell...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by waebi, 8 Jun 2008.

  1. Just to tell...

    i'm going to visit this HUGE event here :P
    (lineup: http://www.greenfieldfestival.ch/programm/index.php)
    so i'll be away from thursday evening until (most likely, as i dont want to go home @midnight ;)) monday afternoon. And then i'll just HAVE TO visit my best mate (female, ye :P) coming home from Australia, where she was for about 1 year.

    So you will see me again the monday evening, or at least tuesday ;)
    (after this rocking weekend, i'll have 1 week of holidays, so i'm gonna work on the frag video.)
    Wish me luck that my mates dont fill me up with alcohol and that it doesnt rain (the festival is under the *BLUE* sky ;))

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    Enjoy your weekend 8-)
    A long weekend! fri, sat, sun and mon :o

    Check the weather forecast for next week.

    Have fun. ;)
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    it raining :oops:

    hope it changes

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