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  1. Kiddies

    Please do something about the |HUGE| kiddies. I like the [GM] people, and most of the other regulars too - but because of these |HUGE| idiots I actually find myself checking who´s playing before I join. I´m not saying the [GM] servers will suffer a major blow that they cannot recover from if I go elsewhere to play ;) , but these immature individuals are simply sucking the fun out of my game. Waebi knows what I´m talking about.

    Peace. :) And war. :twisted:
  2. eoN

    Re: Kiddies

    Don't worry its being discussed in the clan section.
  3. Re: Kiddies

    sup bois, i dont see the problem
  4. Re: Kiddies

    i see a problem with your sig. thx. that's what we mean.
  5. Re: Kiddies

    Lol, its just a bit of FRIENDLY BANTER

    If hes insecure about his faith then thats not my problem, and dw im nowhere near 1 million yet ...
  6. Re: Kiddies

    you'd get yourself a ban if you get to 1000 already i spose. So stop this stuff, it's annoying for many people.
  7. eoN

    Re: Kiddies

    Seriously, dont get in that state of mind where you believe that.

    It's your problem if you feel the need to slag someone off because of their faith.
  8. Re: Kiddies

    and the fact that you make fun of it is even better. thx.
  9. Re: Kiddies

    Make fun of what... ? :?
  10. Re: Kiddies

    => shoutbox. gn8 now, i let this solve itself.
  11. Re: Kiddies

    *Flexes muscles, swings hammer*

    This should be fun.
  12. Re: Kiddies

    I guess spamming "i blame nekot" 20 times in the space of 5 minutes is not annoying at all. :roll:
  13. Re: Kiddies

    But that´s the point with you people, isn´t it? To generate drama. It´s basic psychology. When a child cannot get the attention he/she needs by behaving well, they soon learn that you can get plenty attention by behaving badly. And it´s a lot easier too.


    Oh well, peace ;) and war :twisted:
  14. Re: Kiddies

    If you make people turn chat off, or make people mute you, then this mean YOU are the problem and it is everyone else's business.
  15. Re: Kiddies

    Being defensive about your actions is also a sign of insecurity and guilt.

    My mother always told me to never touch a burning flame.
  16. eoN

    Re: Kiddies

    So being Jewish is an insult? And you say you have nothing against peoples faith, make up your mind. :evil:
  17. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Kiddies

    And since it's the GM servers. and NOT yours. You have to listen to the admins, and GM members.
    And I say. Stop being a total bitch. Like most |HUGE| people, you are kinda annoying me, and I hear a lot of other players complaining about you guys. So please, behave.

    and @boom.
    please remove the alex morrow thingy

    ~EDIT: agreed with Eon, but since alex doesnt like it. please remove it
  18. eoN

    Re: Kiddies

    Sexism is just as bad...

    Everyone needs to stop calling people retards, gay, jewish, black, girls, etc etc etc its just annoying and it just shows you cant think of an adjective... (wait is it adjective or verb? :lol:)
  19. Re: Kiddies

    If you wanna piss off Fin4l write 'LOL' or 'ROFL' a few times after you kill him. It gets his nuts in a right twist ;).
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