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    KJ says goodbye, i will leave after my last match in Season 3 with We Are.

    I joined GM Apr 13, 2008.. My Application made it clear, that i only wanted to join, if i was able to play TF2 on a serious level.

    I joined GM-PRO, and the team was splitted up, after some of us ment it was a selfish name, and the rest of the clan members,

    wasent able to join the team anyway, so i wanted to create my "own" team, alot of things was discused, and i was not allowed to create it,

    so i left GM, with mextor. After some hours i was asked to join GM again, and i could get what i wanted.. only reason was that

    Protantus ( money man ), would leave if they didnt fix it. so i got back in, and GM-Z started to run. Sadly with this change, GM was

    forced to do something they never realy wanted, so i has allways been on the side, and did my job as teamleader, on my own.

    After some month the team got a great core of players, that supported eachother in their goal, of improveing teamwork,

    made it alot easyer for me, and it finally started to get fun.

    I have played TF2, since beta, and are starting to get tired of it, so i want to quit, while its still fun.

    We Are members, have known my desition for 2-3 weeks


    I do know, how many of you that dislike me, most of all becourse of my "bad" english, with not many fill in words,
    that makes it sound harder than it should, i can only agree with that, and say sorry for it, but thats how it is.

    I have allways followed my goal, i wanted to be able to play TF2 on a serious level, and for that reason, i maybe
    was an ass sometimes, - some would say allways -, but only becourse i wanted things to improve, and be taken more
    seriusly, tbh i think i choosed the wrong door when i joined GM.

    But i´m proud of "We Are" - Thanks for your time guys.

    Same to GM, Goodluck, i had some fun times with alot of you.

    - I Am | KJ - KennethJ

    thanks for the time, i like your english on vent and written, i dont care about it :D just fun.

    ofc we hope to see you some more, maybe l4d or whatever.

    /eos from me.

    You are "teh sexy" voice in vent :P
    I wish best luck for you and i hope we can still play pugs, and L4D together.
    You invited me in Z squad and it was only reason to me why i still am in GM
    so thx for time playing whit me and We Are
  4. Bun


    Bye, I liked you dude. Hope we'll meet again. :D
  5. eoN


    Hope you keep playing steam games and i hope ill run into :)

    Tbh i kinda liked you you seem like a nice guy :(

    HF with whatever you do next and hopefully one day (maybe tf3 :O:O) we'll all see each other again :)
  6. Protantus Original Member


    Wait a minute - I remember that coversation - would have kept out if you had not put my name in. It was nothing to do with money - the issues were:

    You decided to leave cos u wanted to start a pro clan, OK
    We were looking to have an inclusive clan, with good players playing at a good standard
    You wanted a team with only your friends involved & we discused that on Vent for hours.
    You never contributed to the wider community - it was freeloading on the server only i.e. your friends on the server under your control - screw the rest of GM.
    We gave in (big mistake) to keep Mextor around.
    I never said I would leave. I have NEVER asked anything in return for contributions.

    Fuck u KJ.
  7. Protantus Original Member


    I get a warning for that Dark?

    I wish I didn't have to, but yes :(

    ah GM-PRO! I remembered that :)

    well good luck KJ.
  10. IAmNomad Ex-Leader


    I remember that day that the whole GM-PRO team quit the clan because they didn't get what they wanted. I remember thinking, "what babies." I was disappointed that we gave in to their extortion and let them do whatever they pleased. Had it been up to me, I would've said, "Sayonara."
    So, it gives me great pleasure to finally say: KennethJ, Sayonara.

    Damn. When is this clan going to get a spine.

    I Am Nomad

    PS Protantus has a spine.
  11. Re: KJ SIGNS OUT

    Shame to see you go KJ, you're a damn good player ;)
  12. eoN


    Okay, to be perfectly honest hes left if you want to bitch about him do it to your friends, exactly the same happened when Vacoy and gRend left, they got flamed, cant you being just be fucking mature and say bye.

    If you cant just stfu and dont say anything at all. Go whine to someone on your friends list or talk to the leaders, if you didnt like him i dont care, and i bet a lot of other gms dont care either so just avoid the flaming and shout at him on vent or in Steam chat.

    Come on guys i would of expected alot more from some of the GM's that i though where more mature...
  13. Re: KJ SIGNS OUT

    Sorry to see you go KJ :( I suppose it will be Overdrive killing me when we next play I|Am instead of you ;p
  14. Re: KJ SIGNS OUT

    Love you Protantus, thanks for the hard work you did.. oooh wait.
    Please do not keep flameing me, i got no respect for you, and you will not be able to say you did anything better than me... Oh wait you payed alot of money for your respect, i didnt.
  15. Re: KJ SIGNS OUT

  16. Th-


    Come on guys... When KJ invited me to the intriguing experience of a community and a professional competitive teamplay, it was the end of May. From that time I sensed there was tension between some members and now that KJ is leaving it seems that the tension was based on misconceived views of the conditions -- this is what KJ had to live with all this time. No wonder he was an ass in some peoples eyes, how could you have dealt with it? Not saying he is not guilty, but really I expected more from the 2 of you. +1 to everything Eon said.

    Let this be a lesson for future dealings in GM. In my platoon in the officer academy there was a guy who was thoughtful and understood warfare as any officer should, but his way of communication was harsh and resulted in the entire platoon disliking him. Somehow this situation reminds me of the old days... near the end of training I got us all together and discussed the thing. We decided it would be very unfair to the guy to depart with unresolved issues and gave him a chance to explain his position. Do you have - ANY - idea how much courage it takes from a guy to admit he was wrong even in a small unassuming way, in a group where almost everyone hates him? I have been there and got out like any chicken would've, but not KJ.

    If you think about your life, most of you are pretty young but there will be a time you consider all your past relationships with others. To have settled all of them is so valuable that I can't even try to explain them with words. It is about inner feeling of peace versus a bitter resentment that is so hard to dissolve. Cut the man some slack will ya. I certainly enjoyed my time in your team KJ, farewell.
  17. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish


    It's always sad to see someone leave :<
    Bye man, have fun in whatever you are going to do now!

    Good words Eon, TH
  18. Re: KJ SIGNS OUT

    ahh man =/ its been fun man, keep in contact. was great to play by ur side

    thnx for inviting me into Z - will remember that time for awhile, was well surprised about that =D hadnt had any 6v6 experience or anything yet you took me on, really appreciate it.

    friendly bantahhhh ftw! hahah was gd fun kicking ur ass or getting my ass kicked - only bcos of ur smexy voice xD

    havnt been here long enough to experience what happened in the past, but quite frankly, wouldnt mean anything to me if i had known.
    great player, and like all of us, only looking out for the best of GM

    hopefully see you around tf2 mate, enjoy w/e your ganna be up 2 =)
  19. Th-


    Let KennethJ be known as "THE smexy voice" in the future and among the new members of GM!
  20. Protantus Original Member


    OK, I was responding to a slander published by KJ and my comments reflect that only - I did not and have never asked for anything from the clan other than to have fun and learn. Those that know me know I do not normally flame (first offence) and I was in two minds whether to respond as it is a bit after the fact, but sometimes you have to stand up.

    I tried to convince KJ to stay when GM-PRO left on mass because I did not want the clan to split and believed there could be an accomodation that would allow co-existence. I don't understand how this can be construed that I threatened to leave in order to keep him...I did not (and do not) value him over the good of the clan. Indeed it was at the urgence of others that I even attempted to find an accommodation - I was not in favour of a Danish only subclan where only friends were invited.

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