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    Every once inawhile the GM servers will lag and it will complelty freeze and do the auto-disconnect thing in the top right corner, but it connects back in like 4 seconds, after that a few people say lag so i know it can't just be me. It's done it to me on Ballon race and Dustbowl, im not sure if it does it on the other servers.
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    almost all the servers dose that, but it's not as laaggy anomore:D
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    Resource spikes, nothing to be worried about.
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    This is caused by someone connecting to RDP and can't be avoided, sorry!

    If it doesn't stop after only doing it once, contact a manager.
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    Could it get any worse?
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    whats VNC?
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    VNC is essentially taking screenshots and sending them over the internet as fast as possible. You can imagine how slow that is.

    RDP is built into windows and literally transfers the GUI elements how the win32 interface sees them, rather than as a load of images. It also caches scrollable areas, so scrolling is awesomely smooth :)

    I wouldn't use VNC if you paid me. Imagine using Windows with 2000 ping and less than 1 fps, compared to RDP which is (almost) as if you are sitting in front of it.
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    I spoke to a sort of friend of mine, who is a Redhat Engineer and I asked him about this, he replied to me saying what's is running on the server, so I told him what I though was running on it.

    Are the following all running on GM's dedi ?

    All 9 server, with a total 272 slots.

    Hlstats CE

    If this is correct, he told me that, even though you have a nice dedi, the amount of servers aren't really a problem, but the amount of slots you have is, he also said it's not advisable to mix game servers with websites, unless the sites themselves are low in traffic.
    I though you ran quite a lot of high slot servers for one dedi, maybe removing a few slots here and there, may resolve this issue?
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    It may be, but that doesn't change the fact that the no action has been taken, why not simply edit the amount of slots on the servers or remove some of the less used servers, RDP really shouldn't be making the servers lag whenever someone joins it.
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    It does because, by design, Windows priorities a smooth RDP experience over anything that happens to be running.

    Also empty slots mean nothing other than wasted RAM and handles.
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    We have reduced the slot count on #5 and #6, and the fps_max on all servers from 120 to 90.
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    Leave payload as 32 and make arena map as 16 players.
    it up to u though :dance:
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    Pipeline is more fun with 32 slots... but that is my opinion :)

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