Last Thursday's X vs. Y Match

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    Last Thursday's X vs. Y Match


    This match was the first test of the GM-Y team, the team that, as you all know, is for those clan members who haven't been picked for the X and Z teams. It was a good test, I think, and shows that the competitive nature of its selection process may give it an advantage or two (i.e., they are trying harder :P ).

    Anyway, I was upset, though, when I found out that some people on the X-team side didn't take the match very seriously, and were "screwing around" during the setup and just generally making a mockery of the event. As an excuse, one X-team member said, "It was just a match against GM-Y."

    Maybe we are "just" the Y-team, and we haven't been hand-picked by the elite within Gaming Masters, but I think I speak for the team when I say that we take offense to that person's attitude. I, personally, along with Z3ro.NL, put a lot of work into getting the match together and getting it off at the right time (learn about time zones, people! :lol: ). I have put a lot of effort into ranking the non-X and non-Z clan members, so that we could have a "common man's" team -- a team that ANY member could be a part of if they worked hard enough and improved their skills enough. So, we take any attitude that is dismissive of the Y-team personally.

    Actually, every member of the GM clan -- even those on the X and Z teams -- should take offense. This is a team the clan should all support and take pride in. And I hope that in the future, matches against GM-Y will be treated like any match against any other team or clan.

    Thank you.

    I Am Nomad
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