Left4dead screenshots (demo)

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  1. Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    This game is somewhat akin to ZP:S but with a co-op aspect and a much greater feeling of teamwork is required in order to survive and progress throughout the map.

    Some in-game screenshots resized for your viewing pleasure.

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  2. eoN

    Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    Is that really the graphics? On full?

    God thats no where near as good as tf2...
  3. Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    :o now i wonder how come core can post more than 3 screenshot! i cant do more than 3. he a leader probably thats y ;)

    btw nice screenshot *can't wait for the public demo 1st*
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    Left 4 Dead uses the most advanced version of the source engine so technically Left 4 Dead > TF2 in terms of graphics.

    But ja, if you were ever into the ZP:S style games, this game is miles better if you like teamwork.
  5. eoN

    Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    It just seems a little... unfinished, ive seen beta games that look better graphics, i think its only really the zombies (maybe because they all have alot more positions they can move into or something i dunno) but it just looks... Hmm... i expected it to be quite abit ahead graphics wise but it just doesnt look it, like the zombies are all half inside of the humans, the zombies bodys seems very rigit (maybe their movement is more fluid and makes up for this, i wont know until i try the demo ^^)
  6. eoN

    Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    I think the major problem with this game will be if one of the four people either suck or if they grief because that would ruin the whole game for the other 3 people

    ps http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=NyF5fZHhriY
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    The graphics in L4D are much better than TF2. TF2's graphics, like in most cartoon-style (sort of) games, seem good because they cannot be compared with real life. But I do agree there are games out there with realistic-style graphics that look better than L4D.

    But there is still no denying L4D's awesome framerates :D
  8. eoN

    Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    Just played the demo and its good but i wish there was more.. variety in it. I dunno maybe im just greedy :D

    The graphics look better ingame because you get very engrossed in it, the sounds etc really get you thinking someones behind you :3
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    the thing is the Source engine is just old and cant be compared to like Crysis engine, they can add some features to it as "plugins" etc, but they need to rewrite the core to be able to be compared with modern engines, i think they will release EP3 in Source and their next game will be in Source 2
  10. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    yea they said that. Ep3 will just use updated version of hl2ep2 engine, and then hl3 will have a new one (I think they said there will be a hl3 ;P)
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    Vacoy :D



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  12. Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)



    had to double post cos only allowed 3 screenie.

    those are the 5 screenie i have

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  13. Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)




    :roll: looking good :P

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  14. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

  15. Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    lol, she's beautiful man

    she looks around 18-20 years old


    she not beautiful when she's fights, so ladies first, remember guys protect her!
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    i love the way she walks too(by pressing shift)

    but for some reason, you might not see yourself doing it, but the others sees it.

    it looks just like Alice in Resident Evil(the way she's walks)

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  17. Bun

    Re: Left4dead screenshots (demo)

    I think Zoey is hot.

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    Nintendo do that in lots of their games too - simple cartoon graphics that require very little graphics power but still look "good"

    We compare the cartoon graphics to... cartoons and they are obviously pretty much the same in quality. Graphics that look like reality take quite a bit more work to get looking realistic ;)

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