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  1. Left4Dead

    anyone planning on buying this? pre-ordered already?, what are your thoughts on it?

    i think i might buy it, not entirely sure, looking into it a bit :P
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    will get for friggin sure, but the price for a german uncut version was WOOO HIGH, and so i didnt do anything.
    Will most likely get a mate to preorder or buy in a store then :P
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    well steam has an 10% discount offer, so on the pre-order steam page its [strike:16iqpwyg]$49,99[/strike:16iqpwyg] $44,99

    Now lets see..
    $44,99 (includes discount)
    VAT ( :x ) + $8.55

    about €38
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    I want it, but I don´t have the money to buy it... :(
  5. eoN

    Re: Left4Dead

    I might get it but im going to wait because i think that it has a little to much hype and it doesnt look THAT good...
  6. Bun

    Re: Left4Dead

    Maybe, I like zombie games and coop. This game looks cool. But I'm kinda broke, and I doupt my computer can handle it.
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    $53,54 makes £30.93 that expensive on steam as instore as cheaper, I seen one for pre-order at £26.99 free delivery too. (that play.com btw)

    I might get it, but i'll try the demo first ;)
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    I found a cheaper one, two quid cheaper than play.com as it also get free delivery for UK.


  9. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Left4Dead

    Lol Fastjohn that site has this:
    Manufacturer: EA
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    so? TF2/OBox is EA too :P at least the (german only?) boxed versions...
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    If some ppl get it from here so we cud play in a group, will definately get it. wud be a gd laugh =D
  12. eoN

    Re: Left4Dead

    I think with a game like that you shouldnt buy it off steam, same with Far Cry 2 and all those other ones because its just annoying not having a CD :( (or DVD or whatever they put these games on nowadays)
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    its just money =P if u hav a gd time, it shudnt be a factor. seeing as its a co-op orientated game its bound to be gd fun with mates
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    yea, it better on DVD/CD because you got the hard copy of the game but if you lose it, it's gone.

    Steam, some games more expensive, but it all there in your account, and can download it anywhere, BUT the problem is if your account get hacked/banned etc, then all the games are gone! :|
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    i get them on dvd cause it installs faster :P
    but with the "new" connection it should work fine...
    btw, "Source Engine 2008" or the '07 one? guess the latter :)
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    Blue and I are still undecided :?

    Our choices:

    - Get it on Steam £32ish (advantages: earlier release; disadvantages: slower install (luckily only one of us has to download it), about £7 more, each)
    - Buy it from Game £26.99 (advantages: cheaper, faster install; disadvantages: have to wait at least 3 days extra)
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    im not sure if the extra money is worth playing it earlier on tho, maybe, maybe not

    looked into a bit, could only find that it utilizes source engine, cant find anywhere which one

    edit: and i suggest people check out this video ;)
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    The cheapest I've found in the UK so far is £25.99 with free delivery from Amazon UK

    Pre-order Price Guarantee: order now and if the Amazon.co.uk price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you'll be charged the lowest price.
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    will get my mate to buy it from there :P but *needz cash*
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    Wow, that's pretty good :o

    Probably still going to get it on steam though - I can't stand waiting 3+ days while everyone else has it :(

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