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  1. eoN


    Whichever leader just locked all the posts / moved them has COMPLETELY lost my trust and respect.

    One of the major reasons why i joined this clan was because I thought people could actually have opinions and show them without it being filtered by the leaders but seems i was wrong. Seriously unlock them.

    Dont even try to say this isnt a clan issue it is its an issue for everyone in the clan so seriously unlock the so people can voice their opinions otherwise it looks liek you lot (leaders) dont actually care... and i think you REALLY dont want to do that.
  2. Re: Locked

    have to agree.. wtf is this.
  3. eoN

    Re: Locked

    To be completely honest their failing then. Just let people voice their opinions and listen its what you have to do as a leader.

    Even if it is bull you have to wait til AFTER to hear everyone opinions.

    EDIT: @KJ who do you agree with?
  4. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Locked

    Dude, it was a massive flamewar, they did good by doing that. Join clanchat if you want to talk about it.
  5. eoN

    Re: Locked

  6. Re: Locked

    I binned Disco's topic because I feel it is causing people to leave. I don't want to censor anyone, but I think it would be better if it was kept quiet right from the start tbh :/

    I dunno who locked Vacoy and grend's topics, but I've unlocked/unbinned all 3 now :)
  7. eoN

    Re: Locked

    And if people flame you deal with them you dont just lock the topics...
  8. eoN

    Re: Locked

    Thanks Darki

    Okay leaders you need to all look at it from other peoples perspective and think before doing anything.

    people need to vent or more will leave, im not saying its right to vent into a forum but its better than people personally abusing people on chat etc so i say let them flame a little deal with them when they calm down

    Like me and benji the reason why i left the chat pissmidget invited me to was i didnt want to lose it with him because hes a nice guy so i calmed down and now i look back and i regret slagging benji even though (imo) hes a nobend.

    What seperates good and GREAT leaders is their ability to see it from others perspective, personally im bad at this thats why im not a leader.

    So before you do ANYTHING think this goes to EVERYONE in GM before you flame or whine or bitch or try to make a joke THINK maybe say it to someone in chat and look at their reaction that will help you think of what other peoples reactions might be

    You get my point

    if you start a fire you cant just stand on it or it will burn you alive you need to slowly put it out and no this time its not okay to piss on it or to throw sand on just let it burn out and talk to people about it when YOU AND THEY are calm!
  9. eoN

    Re: Locked

    I thought of it first!! So shush you :P
  10. eoN

    Re: Locked

    Your bloody right there

    Everyone listen to TMF

  11. Re: Locked

    He say Sand.
  12. Re: Locked

    he does! so it's your turn to end all this flaming. NOW! ;) :P
  13. eoN

    Re: Locked

    I didnt mean anything to you sandman :)
  14. Re: Locked

    LOL guys don't be silly I'm just being stupid :)
  15. eoN

    Re: Locked

    Hehe dont worry, i think the admins have just been busy. And I think some of the leavers should stay admin etc for the moment so they can keep up with whats going on so if we improve they can ask to rejoin.
  16. Re: Locked

    They should be able to respond to some topics for about a week after they left so they can clear up some things.
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