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    Re: Invites

    I got an invite for lockerz aswell, and from looking at it, it pretty much sucks.

    Sure it is a type of scam like dark mentioned, but these sites usually do work, but are treacherous to get anything from.. Lockerz is no different.

    You basically have to spam that you have invites available, and hope people want them.

    Or otherwise, there is the typical crappy offers that will get your email spam-full, or downloading adware onto your computer.
  2. Re: Invites

    Right... I just wanted to take a look at it.
    I'd never run on my PC anything i don't know, lol.
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    Re: Invites

    In their defence, from what little I know about this site a good few people have got the 'Prizes' they were aiming for including iPods and other such loot..
    I can't imagine a business model like this would last very long however.
  4. Re: Invites

    Yeah most likely their pre-"release" period is funded by some huge investment to get people talking about it and people posting good reviews about how they got their stuff etc.

    But once it goes live, epic scamming will commence. And huge ad etc. revenue for them.

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