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  1. Oli


    Hey guys i wanna invite you to Lockerz
    Lockerz is an online survey and shopping site which currently requires an invitation from an existing member to join(MEE). Members earn "pointz" for performing simple task like registering, logging in, inviting friends to join, and completing survey questionnaires.

    Lockerz captures the users zip/postcode, mobile phone number, gender, name, email address, and time zone during the registration process, and also gives the user the option of entering their date of birth if they wish. After registering "playing a game" is required in order to determine the starting amount of points

    Lockerz survey questions are called "dailies". Examples of survey questions include "What summer film won your heart?" and "Texting or Email?"

    Members can use their accumulated "pointz" to purchase and pay for the shipping of a range of goods including electronic devices like Apple iPods, computers games, make-up and jewelery. Members can also buy "dream experiences" with their pointz, which include donations to charity.(wikipedia) ;d

    If you want to join send me your email on PM and i will send u one :)
  2. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: Lockerz

    Getting refferals for a scam?

    wow fail.
  3. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: Lockerz

    Wasn't there a thread on this like 2 weeks ago or something?
  4. Rondon Ruff Ruff is Rondon

    Re: Lockerz

    Exactly what I thought
  5. Gaw discord is my friend now

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  6. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Lockerz

    And also Anathema came up with this shit. Also other forums have people posting this crap.
    I think, Oli should be kicked out of the clan, because of this stupidity :P
  7. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Lockerz

    Perhaps that's a little excessive Knud...

    All the same Oli, don't get involved =P
  8. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Lockerz

    (It was a little joke Beau :patriot:)
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Lockerz

    (It was a little joke Knud :suicide:)
  10. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Lockerz


    I think, that express my feelings here
  11. Oli

    Re: Lockerz

    i was cutting my self for 4days u can close or delete thread ;p. I don't need u anymore!!!! <cry><cry> Anyway i really don't need u I already got double points xDDD
  12. Re: Lockerz

    omg ;( everyone is spamming me on skype to join lockerz. And I don't think that you get those iPhones, PSP ant sth like that
  13. has anyone really use this... if yes what you get out of it? looks like a waste of time to me, also too much private details to be entered.

    it all over the bloody internet..
  14. If you put the "effort" in, you get rewarded. For now, at least.

    It's stayed stable longer than most pyramid schemes because it's legal and enough people don't bother trying to get rewards.
  15. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    OK. Has anybody here ACTUALLY got anything?

    It's been suggested that the pictures etc. of people getting their rewards are scammeh...
  16. No but I fully believe that they give out rewards.

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