Looking for beta testers...

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  1. Looking for beta testers...

    Once I finish it, would anyone be interested in testing my new web-based Rapidshare to Rapidshare remote uploader? It will include features such as blanking remote upload queue (really tedious with their new interface) and automatic gathering of links, as well as the obvious ability to do the impossible using a brand new, unblocked method (invented by me) and with a spare method too should it fail (also invented by me :P) - uploading from Rapidshare to Rapidshare using Rapidshare's remote file upload facility :D

    This is only really useful for people in "the scene" via rapidshare, as it allows them to leech someone else's upload to their account within seconds, no matter how big. This can then be posted as if you uploaded it yourself, and you will get all the premium points. If this works as well as expected and I really do manage to farm fuckloads of premium points, free RS accounts for everyone in GM :D

    At the moment it is nothing but a well-documented and researched word document listing all the various steps I will need to follow (I like planning my work :P) and if all goes well, it should be up and running within a couple of days. I doubt there will be any security issues as I have tested exactly what the script will do manually and Firefox 3, IE7 and the latest Flash release seemed perfectly happy with what I was doing :D

    Oh and if the free RS accounts aren't quite your thing, the HUGE potential ad revenue (that will go straight to GM) will be :D

    (Imagine if all 600k members on warez-bb.org used this thing..... :shock: :D )
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    :o {bows down} :o
    hahah dark! I just made you a new badge: {l33t haXor} You should wear it on your forehead!
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    ye sure ;)
    always wanted a premium one, the time limit sucks, and RS is fast.
    PLZZZ :lol:
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    EDIT: deleted what i said here

    i post something here which was suppose to be somewhere else
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    lol no ;)
    he's talking of RAPIDSHARE premium, a download service :P
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    wrong topic!
    i was suppose to post it in here

    btw dark, i can help with ur beta testing thingy.
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    Hope it works out great :3
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    OK thanks guys for offering to beta test for me :D - I'll let you know when I get it done. Oh and also do any of you have a rapidshare premium account at the moment? (you will need one to beta test) If not and if you have IE6, I might send you my premium account details because I am in need of IE6 testers (firefox, opera, safari and IE7 I can test myself).
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    dark, just install IE6, you can.

    if you can't find the link, i'll find it tomorrow.
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    No, it is impossible to install IE6 on Vista and all 6 of my PCs+laptops run Vista :(

    There is a program called Multi IE or something like that that runs IE 5.5, 6, 7 and 8 under any operating system, but it is very buggy - eg. focus events don't fire, which basically fucks up every command in jQuery. It also can't handle flash which I will be using and just to top it off, there isn't even a right click menu :lol:

    Also, any computer with IE6 and 7 installed would not only have to be XP, but would also behave differently to a native IE6, due to certain shared files from IE7 being loaded by IE6.

    Yes, I could use VPC or vmware but the microsoft web tester hard disk images all seem to be corrupt (tried downloading each 3 times) and I can't find a bloatware-free version of XP that doesn't have IE7 pre-installed :(
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    "LastXP" :P
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    Screenshot of lastxp sp3:


    Looks like IE7 :(
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    lol sry then :P
    but you can install 6 as it's an xp. and if not, i still didnt update my XP so i have IE6.
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    lol ok, you can be my IE6 beta tester then :D
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    Progress update:

    - Added basic text-only interface
    - Created and tested (separately) several PHP scripts and Flash movies which are not currently implemented
    - Added Javascript-powered link parser (and a random cool effect :P)

    Give it a try here: http://www.reupper.com, which I was sad enough to buy :lol: (although its a pretty versatile domain IMHO - might make a bit of money selling it when the hacks stop working :))

    Oh and there isn't any point in putting in your username+password yet as they won't do anything. Also, I haven't yet built anything past where you click the "Begin" button.

    If you want a list of links to test it with, try these:


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