Make resizehead command available to all tf2 admins

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Brick Top, 31 Aug 2015.

  1. Brick Top Server Admin

    On behalf of the TF2 admins that actually play regularly, we would love this command to be made public, no only for managers. It's loads of fun to play around with, and there is literally no reason to make it manager only.

    Obviously, we would not be *cough* abusing it like helljack *cough* just playing around with it without bothering. :derp:

    HMU with what you think.

    BTW, what was with the perma-halloween mode? Or enabled halloween cosmetics at least? The bugs are minuscule and almost unnoticeable, in my opinion.
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  2. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

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  3. -M-m- herpderp

    Id like to have this as well, mostly to mess around with when most of the server isnt directly going at eachother, (Like it is sometimes in general with at best 2 - 6 people going for kills and the others just messing about close to their spawns or the tower at mid.)

    And ofc if this is enabled maybe there can still be a certain limit if you are resized higher then for example 8 it just goes up to 3x resize on the head, due to the probability of crashing the server. Which ive seen Mei do once as an engineer back when the conga was fairly new still with this command, and ive so far never managed to crash the server myself as an admin with the commands available, Theres been a few random ones that have been randomly linked too the source engine's sound problems that has been broken for a longer while and were completely random and triggered by any player on the map at times.

    There has been a few source engine problems linked to stuff not being fast enough to pop up at the place the server reports, thus leading to a crash as well for clients and a few of them has brought the server down sometimes.

    Ive never managed to crash the server using any admin commands, but i did manage to break the gravity a while ago and being unable to change it due to a broken vote command disabling it from being another value then 200 for some reason. (Or maybe the rest of the server kept picking that value constantly instead of 800 which i tried to get them to pick). And instead is just a bunch of set values.
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  4. Well it started with too...
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  5. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    The gravity thing might be that you can change the server's gravity by vote - not manually - but none of the vote options have the gravity value the server uses as default. You can bandaid around this by giving everyone a gravity of 600/800 (I think, with 800 being TF2's standard and 600 being the server's standard?) but yeah...

  6. Only thing annoying in orange right now is people having fun and snipers admins fucking about with commands.
    On behalf of me, plsno
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  7. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    Or not be a tryhard and enjoy the 'fun server'.
  8. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    Orange is serious business, I'll have you know...
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