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    Map descriptions

    Guys, I have trouble describing where I am on a particular map - you know, "spy is behind the wall in the hut upstairs by the uhh, thingy...." By the time I have worked out how to describe a location it is usually too late to matter. Same problem with left tunnel right tunnel - depends on which way I am facing :? . Is there any consistent plan of each map which provides names for particular locations. If not, would it be useful to produce one? I think it could only help teamplay.

    Of course, it could simply me that I need to play more organised games and pick up the naming...
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    ooo sounds like a nice idea to make a map and put a name on specific points, th made something like that in Z for granary if i recall.

    naw always hard to put a name on a location since a split second changes everything =P sometimes i even go 'theres a thing by the thing'... =P
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    Re: Map descriptions

    How about anyone could take screenshots from a map, think some names for locations and post a picture detailing them. Then rest can suggest improvements/details.

    Its useful to have a list of general names of locations to use, including but not limited to:

    left, right, middle, top, upstairs, downstairs, below, behind
    first -, second -, third -, forth -, fifth/last point, A, B, C, intel (points work also on pl_maps)
    stairs, ramp, lobby, balcony, platform, bridge, pipe
    tunnel, corridor, door, gate, entrance, exit, tower, spire, water
    house, hut, shack, building, roof, window, room
    medkit, ammo/metal, resupply, respawn
    container, box, wall, fence, rock, train
    base, inside, outside
    combinations like: intel room, left container, right side house, etc.

    Directions on the first line (left, right, behind etc) are about your team's attack direction in the map, they are not related to the direction your character is facing on your screen.

    There. Go ahead, pick a map people and post your ideas here.

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