MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

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  1. MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    This thread is all about dustbowl, tip, tricks and suggestions on how to win on it. I have had soo much fun on this map, and have seen great individual skill and excellent teamplay and inventive ways of winning.

    If you want to post on this tread about your experiences and share good practice, such as where it is best to stand as a sniper; where to place the sticky bombs, how to ninja cap the second point etc. then post here. Any posts on this thread not related will be removed.

    The format of your post should be as follows:-

    A - Stage (1,2 or 3) and capture point (1 or 2)
    B - Defending or Attacking
    C - Classes invloved or just put "general comment"
    D - Comment or suggestion

    For example:-

    A - Stage 1 Capture point 1
    B - Defending
    C - Demoman + medic
    D - Hold the left!!! In my opinion the left side of the map is vital to holding the first point. Many tatics exist to do this, and I would suggest at least one medic on the left to support the attacking classes. I have seen a demoman in particular (an excellent tactician :) ) put sticky bombs on the side of the hut wall so when a uber heavy runs past the explosion knocks the heavy to the other side with no medic, and the medic is all alone on the right with a mean demo looking at him :)

    Anyway guys and girls please post away, and even if it sounds like basic advice still post, because sometimes the simplest of advice is all that is needed

    Disco :)
  2. eoN

    Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    Use teamwork...

    Then your team will always win.

    (My definition of teamwork in TF2 is, for example, covering a medic while he gets the health pack or suiciding your own life to protect a 75% uber charge etc)
  3. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    A - Stage 1, Capture point 1
    B - Defending
    C - Heavy and Medic (using uber)

    D - Basic Heavy Defense - This calls for a heavy to stand on the first capture point protecting it, whilst the medic stands on the stairs ( to reduce the chance of a back stab from an emey spy). Its important that the heavy checks his back every 5 -10 secs for spys. Advantages - counter and block incoming uber when enemy try and take the point by numbers. Disadvantage - you are waiting for enemy to come to you at the first vital capture point. If the uber is timed wrong then you die and the point is quickly captured.
  4. Th-

    Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    Stage 3, Capture point 2
    On offense
    Entire team

    To cap the last point in a 32-slot server requires teamwork. Red will spawn close and has the advantage of terrain in the chokepoint. All team must understand that houses on both sides of the bridge should be controlled, and 1-2 players alone can't do it. When your team goes in either of the houses, with or without ubercharge, see if you can follow and assist. Once there, establish a strong line of defense: do not advance prematurely but stay inside and block counterattacks. When the time is ready (ubers are going over the bridge) start giving fire support.

    Only when both sides are under control can you close in and cap. Spam spawn entrances to block and soften all incoming enemies. Once there are BLU players on the point, some should stay back and slow down/destroy RED reinforcements. When all are not capping, single explosive will not have immensely increased effect and once the initial wave of opportunist BLUs is dead, the support will finish the job. Just make sure you DO finish the job, get in there and sacrifice yourself. Failing the attempt because the coward support hang back and continuing the round is more painful than maybe dying for the team's success.
  5. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    i told disco this one few days ago, he didnt seem to know it :p

    A- stage 1 cap 1
    B- Def
    C- Heavy 'n Kritsieger Medic (and perhaps engie)

    in the hut containing teh point there's stairs
    what i do as a heavy, i stand there in the far left corner (left of the door) with the medic, charging the kritz and i wait for teh enemie team to come close.
    Hopefully the rest of my team has stalled the enemies ubers, so that they wont have any to counter me.
    Then, when most of the blus are close to the door to the hut, i jump out (already shooting) and the medic releases the critz.
    It's kinda like a suprise attack, so i try to stay away from sight before attacking, maybe taking a peek once to see if it's worth it to release the kritz (read, to see if there are many enemies)
    This gives me loooooots of kills as a heavy ^^

    only downside is that it's fairly easily blocked by an opposing normal uber, but there should be none if timed right (read, if they already used it)

    the engies part in this:
    i just want him to build a dispencer close to me in the corner for ammo and health for the medic
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    Yes I did know that one erm... lol

    A Stage 1 cap 1
    B Defending
    C Engineer

    D Basic sentry defense with teleport and dispenser - There are a number of variations of placing equipment for defense, depending on individual preference, however the engineer has to get his finger out and his skates on before the countdown runs out. First thing - engineer places tele entrance down outside spawn (not in the way), then places the sentry in the hut on the stairway covering the point. I would suggest this sentry gun is placed as far back as possilbe so the the engineer can fall back to the health pack behind him or run into the tunnel to escape multiple enemies.
    The tele exit can go in either two places a) behind the hut which contain the first cap point or b) in the right tunnel (just in case the first cap point falls quickly). The dispenser can also be placed on the stairs to support the heavy/demo, or behind the hut on the left of the map to support the team on the left ( however not sure if you will have time to do this). Engineer could also place dispenser in the right tunnel (just incase first cap falls and there is then enough metal generated quickly to construct a second sentry in the second tunnel).
  7. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    A Stage 2 Cap 1
    B Defending
    C Pyro + Medic (uber)

    D The Pyro Uber Gate Rush - so offense is sometimes the best form of defense, and here is a classic case in point. Pyro and Medic stand near gate at enemy spawn point (left or right enterance). Once the gates open rush in, pop the uber and burn them all. Make sure you use your compression blast as well to stop the ubered heavies etc. leaving their spawn. Try and aim for the enemy medics, as you might strick lucky and burn a medic who is 98% uber ready, pure joy :). If you have a really good medic ask them to give you a 3 second count down if you want to leave, unless you come form Sparta and fancy dining in hell :)

    Alternatively, you may want to stand on top of the hut on the lefthand side of the gate, jump down and pop the uber a few seconds after enemy have popped their ubers.
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    That actually happens? :D

    Dustbowl is an excellent map, but at sixteen men a side, you have to be even more on top of your game to win on the Blu side. Almost simply due to the insane amount of spam and in particular, stickies. This is even harder on the medics, especially when a few people get overzealous and charge around corners outside of medic range. I'm going to go a step further and give tips for playing on the GAMINGMASTERS Dustbowl server. Maybe for a bit of humor, or maybe because it's slightly useful, who knows hehe. Tips will probably be geared toward medics, since that's what I tend to play on a 32 man spam.

    (Also, I know I am not the best medic, and I might not even be that great of a medic, but I'm going to talk like I am anyway, as most of you who know me know anyway)

    Random Kaka musings:

    1. You must have good medics. Mediocre medics will not win the day here. You must have good ones. You must have ones who know what they're doing. You almost (not in all cases, but mostly) need the ubers to get past the nearly impervious line of enemy engineers. In my opinion, and I know this is a slight contridiction with a certain talky heavy who is a staple of Gamingmasters, but if you are a medic, talk. Talk talk talk talk talk. Tell your targets when to go, tell them when there's trouble, where and what it is. This isn't so much a dustbowl tactic as much as a general TF2 tip, but I find a medic-driven combo is much more efficient than the other way round. This is simply because most of the time, and I say MOST of the time, your targets don't pay attention to your health, or don't understand what you mean when you scream 'MEDIC' or 'I need HEALTH YOU BLOODY WALLY.' The second and possibly more important reason are ubercharges. I don't know how many times I've lost ubers because of someone taking off like a bat out of hell when I wasn't ready, or, popping round a corner too sharply and getting stickied, or going out of range. This isn't so much a problem with maps with a lower population, but this is spam-city. This is 32 man. This is insanity. This is the possibility of having up to twenty-plus stickies around the corner. Use a little common sense.

    1.5. If you are Disco's medic, stop listening to him so much. :D I know this sounds counter-intuitive and like it's a dig at Disco, but it isn't. He's very talky and entertaining, so much so that all-talk comes on alot simply because of him, and what I sometimes end up finding myself doing is relying too much on listening to him and not feeling out the situation correctly. Or waiting for the patented 'Ready in 3.....2........1.......annnnnnnnnnnd.....annnnd...wait, don't need it, don't need it, don't need it! NOW NOW NOW!' :D I'm paying so much attention that I forget that there's a delay. It's worse because I like to wait pop my uber rather than waste a precious second. Dunno if any other medics have this problem, maybe it's just me!

    2. If you are a medic, and on red, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE KRITZ. In fact, when I'm on red, except for Stage one, point one, I ALWAYS carry the kritzkrieg. Again, this is 32 man. Spam city...find a good demo, heavy or soldier and go nuts. There will be tow or three other medics using normal uber...and there are alot of talented players out there who know exactly how to use the kritz, so man up and go for it. In my personal experience, kritzing a guy like, say Fromage for example (just because he always gets me loads of points and doms :P) will put you ten points clear in top of the points.

    3. (OMG CONTROVERSY INC!) Do not take the engy-uber out of your arsenal of tricks. Depending on what kind of uber is incoming, if you happen to have an uber on the point, you could save your team the round with a well-placed engy uber. For example! Stage one, point two. You've got that poor loan engy who decides to be the much needed glutton for punishment who builds inside the building right next to the point. That sentry is going to die. And it's going to die alot. But you need it there. And he patiently rebuilds. You see a pyro uber incoming. It's the Stage one, point 2 pyro uber that you know will happen six times a round. Make tat engy's day by putting that uber on him and see what happens. He's usually got a full load of metal, and you'll end up with a few assists and the other team will end up with another wasted uber an a demoralized team. This is especially true if it's late in the round and they really start rushing out of desperation. If the sentry goes down just switch to the heavy who's staring at you in disbelief. (Obviously this is a situational tip, but don't be afraid to give it a try. If it fails, switch to another class quickly.)

    3.5. Another amusing engy-uber trick can be the offensive uber-engy rush. This can be effective on any stage when you're on offense and have enough medics to spare one. Take someone who knows what they're doing and uber the engy straight out ofthe gate. Bee-line toward their second point or spawn, right past the team, don't waste time for kills. Stay with our engy while he builds, hopefully either outside the enemy spawn, or outside their second point. If you are successful, you will win the map probably 90-95% of the time...either straight away or by delaying the team enough for your team to pick up alot of free ground. You can't do this all the time, but it is certainly effective if every now and then. *grin*

    4. If you have a medic buddy who you trust, and a non-medic player you trust, go for the dreaded double-uber. This is most effective I find on defense, but it can be very effective on offense as well with the right players. I am confident enough to say that a demoman who is double-ubered on defense in stage three, WILL WIN YOU THE MAP. PERIOD. Just hang back, heal everyone until you both have your uber/kritz ready, and go nuts. You will win the map. You will win the map. You will win the map. As a matter of fact...stage three defense is a rape. Take kritz. Win.

    5. This is going to sound terrible, but don't be afraid to completely abandon a target. You must live. You must live at all costs. You know they're going to jump out into the middle of spam. You know they're going to pop out of the left tunnel and into the courtyard. You know the heavies are going to meander around the corner of Stage three point 1 and get mowed down by sentries. You know the demo will try to poke his head out of the tunnel one Stage three and give your position away before your uber is ready. You know the pyro is going to rush point 2 of stage one into a wall of sentries when you're at 92%, or the heavy is going to go at 98% and get picked off by a sniper. YOU KNOW THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. But it doesn't have to happen to you! Identify which players don't listen, and learn to realize when they're about to pop around into a hopeless situation. Just let them go. You must survive. Your uber must survive. Run away, take the next guy, or wait for the respawn. It's not your fault anyway.

    6. If you think your target is being stupid, don't listen to them. It's better to do what you feel than risk taking that all-telling, all-seeing, all-slaughtering crit to the face because your target said to wait a second. They aren't you. They might not even see what's going on. It's not a dig on them, they just aren't supermen. Hit your uber if you have to.

    7. You're going to die, and if you don't, you will probably end up getting annoyed at some point anyway. You're going to be healing that demo who stands by helplessly as the pyro rushes past to burn you alive. It happens. You'll take that Garion crit in the face, or that patented Garion rocket juggle. It happens. You'll get scattergunned or stabbed in the back by Overdrive while no one notices. It happens. You'll be shot in the face by Toothy. It happens. You'll be running along happily while Disco pops around the corner and turns you into swiss cheese while you imagine him saying 'POP IT NOW BUDDY! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!' It happens.

    If all else fails, rage and play sniper, if only for the sniper humping. You'll feel better. :P

    Yay for disorganized thought. :)
  9. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    Great post Kaka, I absolutely agree with you. I think the medic is the most important class on the field of battle and they have to look after themsleves and that uber :D

    ps re 1.5 Yes I agree, the voice delay is a pain in the butt and has got me and my medic killed on a number of occasions :(. I know i'm not the best heavy on the game, well you just have to look at Bennett and Sandi and the up and coming falconizer, however I do hope I get enough assist kills for them to justify the uber love :)

    pps As for the sniper humping indeed, you are a dirty dirty dirty man!!! :o :D
  10. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    Pfft, you're the best heavy on the server and almost the only one who bothers to look after his medic. lol Not meant to dig at anyone else but it's generally true (Obviously there are some exceptions). I notice things like that since I tend to get myself into trouble. 8-)

    Thought of some more things to try on 32 man dustbowl, so here goes.

    Tips (Mostly medic) Part Deux:

    1. More Kritz fun. The dreaded one second, uber-busting, newb rolling, medic embarrassing, rage-qut inducing SPAWN RAPE!

    - Take kritz on RED and find a demo who will soon to be very pleased. Demanufacturer is a good one, Fromage, Sandman, Piss, few others (Sorry if I left anyone out, you know I <3 you if I've done this with you). Any demo can work for this if you tell them what to do, and you'll have kritz...he has'll work fine. Take your demo to the gate and stand right in front of it before it opens. RIGHT BEFORE the door opens, hit the kritz...usually a little after one second to go before the round starts. I say before the round starts because it's good to have the demo get one of those crit stickies out early in case someone comes flying out, or he misses the medic the first time round. As soon as the gates open, just go nuts. This is especially effective on Stage 1 right-side. Just launch stickies down the stairs...I promise you'll end up with AT LEAST five kills, and that's very minimum. I've done this with Deman countless times and always end up with about eight to ten kills. If an uber comes out, don't worry. They're going to be hauling ass to the first point anyway (because it will probably be a pyro) and leave their entire team to die. The advantage to using a demo over other classes is that after the kritz runssut, he can still lace the tunnel with stickies and hold the entire team that way. This works very well on the other two stages as well. Stopping those first ubers and frustrating their medics can win you the map. (This is especially true on stage two and three, where if their first ubers fail, ou will hold the first point for a good, long time.)

    On to other things.

    2. Don't be afraid to push without ubers...especially since most sentries can be destroyed by a demo without an uber...he just doesn't get enough cover. I don't know how many times I've seen the entire team just wait in the 'uber camping tunnels of doom' and not push anywhere else on the entire map. This primarily seems to happen in three spots on the three different maps.
    - The left tunnel in stage one.
    - The right tunnel in stage two.
    - Not really a tunnel, but the last corner in stage three.
    While it's fine to have a couple of people in there waiting to go, it's much more effective to keep the pressure up. Like I said, and this is particularly true on Stage 2, nearly all sentries can be destroyed WITHOUT ubers and you CAN do it without ubers. If you don't push, after you destroy that sentry, you'll have three or four engineers (most of the time with full dispensers) helping each other rebuild. If you don't keep pushing, you're going to need more and more ubers to take them out. You MUST keep the pressure up. Unfortunately, I kind of find this to be a pointless tip, because obviously you can't make your entire team go, but your team is just as capable as killing the other team, and you won't take the point unless you actually get out there and give it a go. :P If you decide to tunnel camp (and I admittedly do it as well), you KNOW THE UBER PYRO will be coming. It will burninate you all, and it WILL kill your medics at 91%, 83% and 43%. You also know that SOMEONE will open the gate. It doesn't matter where, or which stage, but someone will open it. The medic'd heavy on red who's walking backwards into the gate sure looks like an easy kill, but it was all a not-so-clever ploy which looked like a stunning choice of tactics to the backburning pyro who just cost you the game. Or was it...the campers to blame?

    3. Know who your staple snipers are, where they will probably be, and check the deathspam.
    - I'll use Toothy/Arthur the Pyro as an example here, because I've heard him mention this several times and he also talks alot, AND is a stunning sniper. I will say right up front however that this maybe better employed and expected from medics or even engys who maybe have a better opportunity to glance at the spam, but I think everyone can be aware enough to look at this. Let's say we're playing Dustbowl stage one. We're red. I'm medicing say, Disco for example, and we'vegot a damn good side because the teams are stacked. We've got Deman, Micky, Piss, Bunny, Falconizer, Tonks and a couple of other randoms on the right, and Fromage + Johnny, Overdrive, Garion, Wacky, couple of others on the left. And we've got Toothy and XO sniping down the middle. That's a pretty damn good side for supposedly random teams, and the other team has probably pitched a fit by now, but this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Let's say we're happily camping the spawns. Nearly no one is managing to get out. Disco is happily chatting away saying such Disco-isms as 'Wooo-hooo-hooo!' and 'COME HERE FAT BOY' (which is my personal fave lol). All of a sudden, Toothy's sniping is abruptly ended, as well as XO's by two backstabs right in a row. You can see this on death spam. Toothy will almost always let you know when he's been backstabbed too. The reason for this is... *takes a deep breath*

    WHEN YOUR SNIPERS DIE TO BACKSTABS, ODDS ARE, YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE TO A BACKSTAB. (Or your point is about to get spy-ganked.)

    Self-explanitory, but I've seen four or five people get mowed down by a spy far too often. :( I'm guilty of this too, I'm not paying attention to the tell-tale signs (literally) that spies are about to kill you. This isn't only true for spies. If you've lost the left (because, no offense to those left guys, but the left is always lost), you can tell that the other team has gotten through, or where that roaming pyro or scout is just from seeing your snipers die. Not a great tip, I suppose, but knowledge is power. :P Watching the spam can tip you off to alot of that engy who's desperately wrenching off sappers and could use a little help, or the engy who's dispenser has just gone down and could do with some temporary backup. If they're anywhere near you, just pop round for a quick visit.

    Snipers also make great scouts.

    4. When you are a sniper, if you can, shoot the engineers' buildings. Alot of the time, these things are in full view and a sniped sentry saves your team an uber and can swing the game in your favor even if no one notices. Just accept that no one is going to notice what you're going, nor give you any credit, and do it anyway. (Obvious one imo, but exploding brains is just so tempting)

    5. If you say "Kaka, Kaka, Kaka, Kaka, uber me please, Kaka, please uber me, Kaka, KAKA, KAKA. KAKA you are the best then OVERDRIVE." and your name is not Ryanator, I will laugh and medic you. It's a good tip if all the other medics are taken and you need a mediocre one. :D

    6. Yes, I am aware Kaka can mean shit in several languages, but it can also mean a stellar attacking midfielder from AC Milan, or my personal favorite, cookie. And yes I am perfectly fine with my name meaning shit AND I am well aware of the irony. Stop bothering me. :)

    7. If you see sniper humping it's probably me too.

    blah blah blah need more coffee.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and KAAAAKAAAA!

    8. If I'm on the phone trying to play, remind me not to play medic.
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    Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    Thanks Kaka, a mention in despatches LOL. Like the posts, a lot of sense there.
    For what it is worth, & I think you have touched on it here is one of my tips.

    A Stage 1 cp2

    B Defending

    C Heavy Medic

    D Gate rape. Take 1 heavy & mix with medic until you have uber. Heavy should go and mince about outside the gate with his back to it all the time moving side to side AND BACKWARDS toward the gate. Cheese is good for this ;)
    Pretty soon someone on blue will get too near the gate and open it. Hopefully the heavy is now inside & the medic fires the uber. Utter carnage now ensures, you can completely clear the top tunnel or if blue has any ubers then they will use them prematurely. Medics first,then Sgs, teles and anyone else left. If you can time it right you can also advance back to the first CP as blue won't have respawned yet, retreat back down the tunnel and repeat. Done this 3 times in one game, very funny as blue then start arguing amongst them selves and are not effective. A certain win almost guaranteed

    Micky 8-) .
  12. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    Excellent guys, excellent. I really want to try that tactic out Micky :)

    A Stage 1 cature point 2
    B Defending
    C Engineer

    D Engineer's last stand (1st stage) - Ok so you lost the first capture point... so no worries, the war isnt over yet! You need to assess the situation quickly when you next respawn and don't die a silly death. There are 3 Basic areas to place your SG3 (sentry gun lvl3). 1st - inside the hut containing the 2nd capture point facing the steps, which should stop the non-ubered rush. The second is hmm let me try and discribe this, as you approch the 2nd capture point from the spawn point there is a cylindrical grannary container on left hand side. Place you SG3 there and out of sight of the gate, and not only will you stop the offensive team running to the 2nd point from the middle or right of the map, but you will also pin heavies against the wall if they try to run past from the stairway, and if their medics are not thinking.

    The 3rd Place is difficult to maintain, and you will probably need help - as you leave the spawn head towards the 2nd capture point then take a left. There are 2 ground level doorways facing you. Enter the left doorway into the building, and walk pass the steps on your left and place your sentry there. There is a tiny little area at the back where you can place your dispenser which any pyro/heavy/soli/ or demo will be happy to see.

    ps good soli, spies, pyro, sniper posts would be good to see on this thread, as I don't feel competent in posting them myself but I will (and will probably burn lol).
  13. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    This is one of my favorite uber tactics. XD Although usually I can't be arsed trying to explain it to someone who doesn't know what I'm talking about. lol It also works very well with a pyro. :) The only thing you have to watch out for is a clever demo who knows what you're doing and has stickies waiting. Sometimes they'll get you a split second before you hit your uber, which can be frustrating. :(

    Edit: Not really much of a soldier tip here, but if you have any questions, follow Garion around...the guy is a stunning soldier. :P
  14. Micky Mick rolling since 07

    Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    For real TF2 team play though you need to arrange for a friendly spy to go through the gate for you ;)

    Micky 8-)
  15. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    i know about the uber-pyro rape on stage 2, cap 1
    on BLU, i ALWAYS warn everybody to watch out for incoming pyro's
    i've seen it happen... it's almost like in those vietnam war movies where you see all your friends get slaughtered by napalm or something :(


    easy tactic:

    stage 2 cap1
    yourself and any medic (or you as medic and your target)


    that is all and it WORKS! :D
    you survive the uber pyro (and even can kill him if you lay a carpet of stickies down before he enters and detonate it once their uber is done) AND you can come out as the last uber, which is good because you wont be blocked by opposing ubers and all the other players will be busy killing eachother.
    If you can get behind the building on teh right you can even make it a surprise uber and destroy sentries on the right or get into the house w/ the point and uber there.

    just wait IN your spawn after the RED uber pyro is done napalming your friends, then retaliate
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    Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    if i told u ALL my sniper spotfor stage 1 defence capture point 1, my kpd will mess up with every1 going htere to pwn me, they normally find me when heading to the 2nd point so i can survive their for 1 capture point and a half =D (i believe the correct word for this matter is OWNED!
  17. Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    A - Any stage
    B - Attacking
    C - Pyro + medic
    D - I can't remember what server this was on, I have a feeling it was with you guys but we were attacking and split the team 8 medics, 8 pyros. rushed out on stage 1 with uber pyros. 4 Uber pyros went first, blowing enemy demos into the gap followed by the next wave of 3 uber pyros rushed the point. One medic pyro rushes last and caps in a flash.

    We did this for all 3 stages then teams got switched. requires a lot of communication but is a right laugh on 32 man servers as they are just like "What just happened??"

    We tried it again with medic and soldiers with similar effect, though the pyros were by far the funniest.

    A - Stage 3 and capture point 2
    B - Attacking
    C - The Spy Rush
    D - We were pinned in our spawn after ninja capping the first, enemy kritzdemos and solly's littered our spawn exit leaving only a lone engy and demo guarding their point. So we all waited and went spy, 10 of 16 spies made it through the initial death-fest and the rest is history.

    Somewhere on my PC I have a screen shot of the score board at the end. Was hilarious! :lol:
  18. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: MAP - Dustbowl 32/32 Everything you need to know and more!

    I'll only focus on defending as we all know how to attack.
    Stage 1:1st CP

    agree with Disco in the Left is Vital, however the most important part is the hut containing the control point, not for the obvious reasons, but the fact that when the attacking team starts a full push having 12 people all in that hut is utter chaos and will more times = in death for the full team.

    Left- Medic + 1 Soilder + 1 Pyro - For me the left is less about killing and more about holding a line. if an attack is coming from the left its a long way to run trying to not use an uber. A soilder can deal the damage and if ubered the attacking force is gona be running, A Pyro with blowback can slow them down or juggle them in the air till the uber is wasted completely.

    Middle - 1 Sniper + 1 Spy just covering the middle and stopping any surprises (demo jumps etc) The pyro on left can also back up with spy checks on this area while the blue spawn camp.

    Right - in the hut - 2 engineers + 1 demo = engys build 2 sentrys, one right beside the entrance, the other at the top of the ramp.will stop any easy targets coming in without an uber. also a demo will sit between he sentrys, the demos role is to basically camp the control point, he places all 8 of his stickies at the door entrance, killing any soidler or demo trying to spam and if he sees an uber, detonating will send the uber'd *pyro or heavy* flying across the map to the left hand side.

    Right - ahead of the hut - Heavy + Medic - kill every thing lol, medic falls back to hut when heavy dies, comes back with tele, kill some more!


    CP2 - probably the hardest to defend cos of the multiple attack points and the lack of places to build sentrys. like most of 2nd CP's on dustbowl the best defence is a good offence, ubered medics + pyros of heavys charging right and left tunnels. a sentry on the point together with a pyro, to blowback ubers and a medic with an uber charge to cancel out the enemy uber and stop your team been wiped out by said uber. as always sniper support is crucial to this point. A point where all classes need to use they perks in the right way and not focus on killing people.


    Stage 2 CP1: good offence again, getting them at spawn, but as long as your team continues to attack from all points all you really need to do this map well is (2 engys, 2 medics, 2 Pyros)

    Sentry 1 - in the hut by the cp (pyro to protect with blowback and to kill spies on point)

    Sentry 2 - round the corner by the lil house, this sentry can also kill people on the point so providing the enemy team doesn't get a foothold around the first CP, a pyro can easily stop any attacks on this sentry, it be blowback or igniting spies.

    CP2 - much of the same, ubers to clear out tunnels and sentrys, Pyros for spy checks and to blow back ubers and heavys soilders etc keep on full attacking.


    Stage 3

    well the easiest to defend

    CP1 - demo soldier spam, 3 sentrys, pyro stop ubers if you do get pushed to the last point, spam generally = win

    but remember to send ubered pyros via under tunnel and if you wana be really smart, have a Heavy and ubered medic camping to the right of the last point, just incase the other team is really good


    Just a quick thing on attacking. you can generally win with the right ubers and team worked unless the defending team is really organised. but should you come up against a really organised team. the best attacking team is

    Soilder - spam CP - second wave of attack when uber dies
    Demo - Spam CP - sticky spawn points, entrances (support second wave)
    Heavy - Lead the second wave with uber and kirts if medics really like you

    first wave:

    Pyro + Medic + Spy

    Pyro can take what seems like forever to destroy a sentry so get a spy in first to sap making light work of the sentry and still having uber time to do damage to the defending team where the second wave should finish them off.

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