Map Rating System

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  1. Map Rating System

    I've now installed a map rating plugin on both servers.

    At the moment to rate the map you need to type !maprate or if there is a full admin online they can start the map rating vote.

    I'm still trying to see if we can modify the plugin so that it automatically shows a map rating vote.



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    This plugin looks really handy :D

    BTW - I heard you are installing a radio plugin - any idea when that'll be done? (I like radio plugins :P )
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    OFF TOPIC: I can do the radio plugin today. I just need a url to some good radio stations.
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    Awesome - I'll to steal the radio station urls that servers have by monitoring the packets or something :)
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    I can confirm the map rating menu automatically appears after you die, 3 minutes into the map. So it works! :D
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    @Darkie and Core: ... ight=radio

    would be easier ;-)

    edit: ah sorry hit me, saw that you just need stations.
    70: ;-)
    world music:
    classic rock:
    great little software. The lists are in the software directory in a "presets.xml.gz"
    MASSIVE collection of internet stations.

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