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  1. Map rotation

    Complete control does not seem to b what the gamers are after, after all...
    GM servers are empty if a admin isint there to change maps...

    People does not seem to appreciate the rtv system at all...
    I think most players want timelimits and/or a automatic map vote.

    Perhaps we should try it out on one of our servers at first and c if it changes anything?

    Just a thought.
    // moO
  2. Re: Map rotation

    2 hours map timelimit, then force nextmap vote... This sounds good...
  3. gig

    Re: Map rotation

    i think one hour would be more appropiate personally.

    i think the other problem is some people don't know how to nominate or rtv or what they do (s'true) so maybe helpful messages like "bored of a map? type rtv to rock the vote!" every so often might be useful.
  4. Re: Map rotation

    I'll add one hour timelimits on all the ZPS servers. :)
  5. Re: Map rotation

    Poor that people don't read MOTD, it says about INF feature too D:
  6. Re: Map rotation

    Ive said this in the past, I totaly agree! More info, less "noobs" online :D
  7. Re: Map rotation

    Ok guys... We have to refresh our maplist! For instance, we have every version of cabin, every version of redqueen and so on. We also have alot of maps that are complete rubbish tbh. I think thats why our servers are empty too...

    PLease remove maps like tetris, wheel, pool, escape, clavpillar, pubdefence and so on. I could make the list WAY longer but I think u guys get the idea.

    Yours only ;)
    // moO
  8. Re: Map rotation

    I made a list of maps I think we should have, the rest I think should b deleted...

    subway, cinema, cabin_b5_r3 and snowy, redqueen (one version only), crossfire, deadblock, devilforest, farmhouse, harvest, zombies ate your neig, asylum, deadend, haunted, hospital defence.

    I might have forgotten some...
  9. Re: Map rotation

    Better to make a really decent maplist for timelimit chooser, and another one that will have all maps for nominate feature.

    P.s. will post my version of maplist for timelimit too...
  10. Re: Map rotation

    Pool is staying. :x
  11. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Map rotation

    Nice post count :p

    On a side note, I won't be on steam for a few days
  12. Re: Map rotation

    Well, do we really need 10 versions of it?
  13. Re: Map rotation

    Actually we really can clean old versions of maps to make bit more free space?
  14. gig

    Re: Map rotation

    perhaps some organisation is in order as well, split the objective and survival maps and stick them on different servers. depends how many of each are left after you're done cleaning though, and survival maps are becoming increasingly unpopular.
  15. Re: Map rotation

    I kinda like the idea of making one server into a objectives only. We should at least try it out. Who knows, it might get really popular... Then people will know what to expect I mean.


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