marcf33's prophunt admin application

Discussion in 'Administrator Applications' started by marcf33, 20 Mar 2010.

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  1. marcf33 Marc

    marcf33's prophunt admin application


    Steam Name (basically your name in TF2/ZPS/ZM):

    Steam ID (type status in the console in-game or use HLStatsX/ZPS Stats to get this):
    Real Name: Marc F.

    Age: 19

    U.S.A, New York

    Time of day you are usually on the server:
    I am on in the afternoon (GMT) to the late night, and am on when most of you guys are in bed because of the time difference. Because of this I can watch the late night American players.

    Your reasons for wishing to become an admin:
    I would like to become an admin because I have well over 500 hours of playtime (despite what my stats say, they were stuck on 200 hours for some time). Also, I like all of the regulars and enjoy playing on your servers. Prophunt is the best tf2 mod out there.

    Why you think you are a suitable applicant:
    [FONT=&quot]I think I am a suitable applicant because I play often, know the rules, can be on late at night for you Europeans, and because I’m so cute and awesome :3 (just not as cute as shinkz)
  2. Dynamic User Title GET!

    Haha, good luck. Would like to see you on the team.
  3. marcf33 Marc

    Thanks, and good luck to the rest of you.
  4. Dynamic User Title GET!

    Aye. I think it's between the more regular people. MC, Mike, C3n and Marc. Zana for server, ofc. Sorry, Ewok, but I haven't seen you around much D:
  5. marcf33 Marc

    I kind of was thinking the same, but didnt have the heart to say it :3 <3.
  6. The MC Official GM PropHunt Manager

    Good luck Marc, you sexy amerifrench. (Your alternate timezone might come to your advantage)
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Application accepted for full PH admin.

    Check your PMs
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