**** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

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  1. **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    Ok guys here's the feedback from this weeks match:

    Well done to you all! Fantastic work! Bravo! -- We've finally sorted a few things out:

    1 - Comms

    Our communication as a team was fantastic! We knew exactly where people were and people called where the enemy was -- sniper? Top left. Scout? Bottom right. After a matter of seconds? "Scout down"... "Sniper down"...

    We're finally acting like a team, and for this I commend you all!

    2 - Protecting the medic!

    This was a real problem in the last match -- the medic was left completely alone and died constantly. Well; not any more!! We all did our part to stick with the medic as and when needed. Scout the only one nearby? They stuck with the medic until support arrived!

    Keep it up!

    3 - We won every match! >:D

    Although the other team were having problems with some of their people -- in the end though we managed to sort it and I think we had a good game overall (I would think so since they've challenged us again :D)

    4 - Final comments

    Ok here is your review - some of you I saw more than others so I can't say a lot about you all!:

    - Disco: Brilliant work -- keep letting us know where you are and doing your thing! Next time: Give the uber to the pyro!! :P

    - Vendetta: Good work -- you got behind them as scout and killed them a plenty as a pyro! Next time: Get a mic so that you can call out their locations!

    - Spyko: Went to the other team for balance and was top of their board -- fantastic! Next time: Let's keep you on our side :P

    - Apex: Again good scout work! Keep pushing them and back capping! Next time: Slow down with your shots and take time to aim (I usually went first person as you when I died!)

    - Ben: Our resident man of all classes! Good work throughout and kept Disco going: well done! Next time: Practice solly a little more and I think you'll do well!

    - Overdrive: What can I say? Awesome work and credit to team! Next time: Didn't see a lot of you, but I saw enough of them running away from you :P

    - Danny: AMAZING spy work as always! Couldn't have played this without you there for support! Next time: Kill them more! :D

    - Beau: Last second recruit and brilliant sniper! Next time: Move to a heavy class if we start to loose it! (I can't remember if you did but either way!)

    - Savage: Next time: Get the other team organised as well so that it runs smoother! Haha!

    I would appreciate feedback about myself too -- what was I doing wrong and how can I improve?

    5 - Wrapping up and thanks!

    Brilliant guys! Nice work! Thank you all for an epic game! I'll look into setting up more matches and sorting more of these out over the coming weeks so prepare yourselves!



    P.S. This really looks like it could be it for a new team! Let's keep up the good work! :mrgreen:
  2. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    thanks for your brilliant report Savage much appreciated you covered very well in game and Blew them away :P keep up the good work. and to all congratulations on our second victory and may there be more to come :P
  3. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    I want some feedback too!

    Seriously though, is there a demo recorded by SCTV of this match? It was my first time playing Soldier in a match and would like to know how I did as that (my team was too busy arguing about pointless stuff to notice :D)

    EDIT: Danny ... I hate you :(
  4. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    We can all help.. Your setup seems very weird?.. you should realy try watch some demos from high teams.. and see how they set their team, and what tactics they use.

    ( The way i learned, and how we improved @ GM-Z )

  5. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    If we can get the recording of this I'd really like to go over it..I think this was a great example of how it's supposed to work :)

    I think most if not all the team were on comms, which made an unutterable amount of difference. As savage says, there was a constant flow of useful, concise intel, and tactics were followed to the letter.

    I didn't get the impression, as I usually do, that everyone was out for the kills. Everybody seemed to be working together for the team and to hold the position.

    On death there was still a lot of useful intel coming in from players in spec, who stayed alert and involved with the match.

    As far as my performance goes, I think I was on a good day :P however I need to remember to watch the flanks. At one point on granary I took pyro which I found worked well for getting round the back and jumping the medic, and on goldrush solly for when they're huddled around the cart.

    Well played CoD, sorry about the mess :?
  6. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    Great games, and thanks for the great report Savage, although I think I was rather poor today!

    Did you.... ? I don't remember that!
  7. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    Yeah I know all that and I've linked them plenty of videos and article in the past, but I doubt they checked it out really >.>
    And I was so royally pissed about their behaviour that I didn't bother even trying to get some sense into them. they were so into their dicking around that it was pointless to try so I decided to just post a massive rant on the forum. I've now talked to most of them and some seem to be getting what I'm getting at. Others ... well I hope they get there. We have someone trying to justify that he ragequit for example ... How can you justify a ragequit during a match?!

    gah sorry this whole situation made me so mad.
  8. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    sorry I couldn't be there, had concert :P
    (and I didnt even bloody notice we had a match tonight, holy crap.... I gotto read a bit better lol)
  9. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    good i always like to know where i can improve, i guess i do spray n pray abit too much XD
  10. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    You all did so well, working and supporting each other.

    Very proud :)
  11. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    lol i had a mic and actually spoke on occasions but no one could hear me cos your all loud compared to me lol

    in review I'll just say how i said it to disco

    no disrespect to cod but we where playing a poor team on the day due to various things.

    but 2 weeks ago we won by the skin of our teeth

    this week we won via white wash, even on goldrush which is they best map (well the one they play the most)

    I cant no complaints with any team members everything was fine.


    I don't particually like Scout, I did manage a good few kills and caps, but against a team on the ball I probably would of failed epically.


    Soilder - my fav part on goldrush when I went 20-1 in defence, I even shunned 3 ubers from disco to kill people solo :P

    --- pyro + goldrush and ubers = easy, silly spies
  12. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    yeah, pyro on goldrush was where i did my best even though i couldn't change to the airblast flaimthrower.

    and vendetta turn your mic volume way up so we can hear you over disco and his loud mouth :D
  13. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    ugh TP is gonna get raped soon it seems... :(
    (ask Disco ;))
  14. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    No SourceTV demo is available as a recording was not requested, if you wish to have a STV demo in future please contact one of the members of the Tech team.
  15. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    Cheers Geit :D We'll remember that for next time!

    Good feedback guys! Let's just hope that this victory has taught us not to get angry and rage quit, but to keep playing and work together as a team!

    If we have any problems what do you do? You not only persist, but root out the cause of those problems and crush them so that we can all be lead to victory!

    Match against TP? Sounds like it would be fun! I'm looking forward to battling D-man as a demo and seeing where our weaknesses are! (Because as we have all seen on our servers they are FAR better players than the other team!)


    P.S. We can, by special request of D-man, have crits on in the match against TP. This may be unorthodox, but if it is what he wants then we are happy to oblige.
  16. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    Well done guys, and well said Savage :) This from D-Cancerous random crits-man? Interesting!
  17. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****


    you bastard :lol:

    But yeah, a while ago me and Disco were planning a match since we all need the experience and i was hoping that we can work together on improving skills
    after all, most of the TP guys are GM regulars
    most of them only play DB (goddamnit), but ever since we got back together again i've really been pushing the guys to play other maps as well, which they now do, thank the gods

    you ppl will probably beat us since we havent had any matches yet, so we still have to figure out what team works best etc etc, and i'm hoping to figure all that out in having these matches with GM (yes ''matches'', i hope we can do them quite frequently)

    we even have our own server btw ^^
  18. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    Alright that's ok. I'll just record me playing some public over the next few days then and see how I do as Soldier lol. It's kind of hard to improve if you don't know what your weak points are :)
  19. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    I said that due to you joining them not because you was pwnin us ! ;)
  20. Re: **** Match against CoD - take 2 - FEEDBACK!!! ****

    Just want to post here and tell you that we gave you an awful game, imo.

    People left as they pleased (including me who BSoD'd) and people showed up as they pleased I wrote more on our forums but the same things don't apply here.

    Dazed probably wrote something similar but whatever. :D

    Also Danny every one on our team hates you.

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