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    We are a community. We play, we laugh and, most importantly, we listen. Today I humbly come before you all to share some factual information.

    On 8 December 2011, the role of administrator specific to GamingMasters' Team Fortress 2 PropHunt server was disbanded. Members of this group were offered the choice of becoming full server administrators or returning to being community members. All members of this group unanimously decided to return to community member status.

    On 7 June 2013, the administrator application form was posted as a stickied thread within this very sub-forum by user and manager Dark. On this post, it was stated that users may apply for a variety of administrator positions, including "TF2 Prophunt". Not mentioned in this post was that upon this reintroduction of the Team Fortress 2 PropHunt server adminstrator role, it was not offered to the users previously in this role.

    On 21 May 2014, the GamingMasters group underwent various changes, including the removal of the clan and a new focus on community. Within this post, a manager of the GamingMasters community, Savage, stated that applications for administrator rights on any specific GamingMasters servers could be done directly to any managers. On this thread, I publicly applied for the position of administrator specific to the GamingMasters' Team Fortress 2 PropHunt server. This post received positive a number of positive reactions including 6 "Agree" ratings, of which 3 were from existing server administrators. Despite this public application having positive community response and being read by multiple managers, it was ignored.

    On 12 May 2017, a community member named Selvar made an application to become an administrator of GamingMasters' Team Fortress 2 PropHunt server. Within 38 minutes, a manager of the community replied to say that the application was being discussed by the management team. On 16 May 2017, this application was accepted and Selvar became the first administrator specific to the GamingMasters' Team Fortress 2 PropHunt server in over 5 years.

    As we approach the 3rd anniversary of my still-open application, I would like to thank the community for their support over the years and look eagerly onwards towards the good times to come. There is no road too long to the man who advances deliberately and without undue haste; there are no honours too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with patience.
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