Meet the Pyro!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Bun, 8 Nov 2008.

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  1. Bun

    Meet the Pyro!

    I just saw this on the steam forum.

    "I just sent an email to gabe and got a responce matt. Good news about meet the pyro! The E-mail:

    Hey Josh,

    Gabe forwarded your email to me.

    We're always watching to make sure the classes are balanced - we read a
    ton of player feedback on the forums as well as collecting a lot of
    stats about how each class is performing, so we'll check out the soldier
    for next time.

    Meet the pyro is coming up soon! I haven't seen it yet myself, but from
    what I hear, you'll definitely get some inside info on the pyro.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Gabe Newell
    Sent: Friday, November 23, 2007 1:26 PM
    To: Matt Boone
    Subject: Fw: Team Fortress 2 questions/comments (Not a rant or anything)

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Josh Steinberg <>
    To: Gabe Newell
    Sent: Fri Nov 23 07:36:30 2007
    Subject: Team Fortress 2 questions/comments (Not a rant or anything)

    Hey Gabe!

    Let me start out by saying that I am a long time fan of your
    games and after waiting 5 years (I am 15 and started playing TFC at age
    10) TF2 did not disappoint. However I do have a few questions.
    There has been alot of complaining on the forums about soldiers and crit
    rockets and such (I'm sure you know about this) and I have to say I kind
    of agree. I can cope with soldiers but a small nerf wouldn't hurt. Maybe
    less frequent crits for soldiers? My real request is for Valve to keep
    us in the loop. You guys patch more often and more consistantly than any
    other company. I just want to maybe get an idea of what you guys are
    working on and if you plan to update the soldier or any other class.

    Well I guess that's it. Other hot topics like the spy or pyro:
    I think they are both fine. Also The pyro is awesome...when is Meet the
    pyro coming out? I want to know whats under the mask :P.


    Josh Steinberg

    I can't wait for inside info on the pyro! Man I hope its out before hanukkah! THat would be an awesome present!"

    Pic from TF2Wiki:
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  2. Bun

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

    TF2Wiki fails.
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  3. eoN

  4. Re: Meet the Pyro! ... 642&page=3

    Bun fail soem moar pl0x !
  5. Bun

    Re: Meet the Pyro!


    hi i'm alpha i watch porno all times i got out of gm cause i was being treated liek a slaev, i haet bunz fo no rezon weeeee
  6. Re: Meet the Pyro!

    ah you to ? Good to know I'm not the only one...

    and no lol I dont watch porno all the time ... but I know YOU do :P
    and I don't hate you, your just like all the other ANNOYING kids in my mind ...
  7. Bun

    Re: Meet the Pyro!


    btw I can edit my post to.

  8. Re: Meet the Pyro!

    yeah edited to add text...
  9. Bun

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

    i'm tired.

    of you.

    edit to add more text.
  10. Re: Meet the Pyro!

    bun please stop failing, I cant see if you or anyone else has edited...

    and you know its all a joke, seriously, do you think I was meaning this all ? ;)
  11. Bun

    Re: Meet the Pyro!


  12. Re: Meet the Pyro!

    Old skool
  13. eoN

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

    Seriously.. both of you grow up... your both like 13 and behaving like a 5 year old...

    PS its also kinda rude to start a flame war on an old post Alpha so next time stfu ;)

    Bun, dont rise to his bait... (aka also stfu...)
  14. Bun

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

  15. Re: Meet the Pyro!

  16. eoN

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

    I ALWAYS get the last word

    NO U!
  17. Re: Meet the Pyro!

    lol not this time buddy :P
  18. eoN

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

    Stfu alpha :P I will always get the last word ;)
  19. Bun

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

  20. eoN

    Re: Meet the Pyro!

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