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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Country, 22 Jul 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've got a suggestion for the MGE server that GM runs. In the server you can only do certain classes. Why not extend it to all of them? I hate having to find an all-class one every time I want to do an unusual MGE (like medic or spy).

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    Why not put it in your main post?
  3. I accidentally clicked submit :)
  4. Sim Burner of props and hunter of hunters

    While this idea is actually painful for me to consider, the server is full of demoknight mge half the time anyway so why the fuck not.
  5. Why is it painful for you to consider?
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    Sim is a TF2 elitist.
    I criticise but I will never be as good as him forgive me based Sim.
  7. :O
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    MGE deffo needs some admins, I dont mind ppl having a bit of fun with their friends by demoknighting, thats fine but when people want to play srsly and train and then you have someone spawnkilling it just ruins the point of playing mge. With little to no admins keeping an eye on the mge server( i could be wrong :ohdear: ) idk how to stop ppl from being dicks on it. I am starting to play mge more often now so if there isnt any admins that play mge and keep an eye on it, i might just sign up for admin to keep watch of that server. btw if we could get some magic dust in hopes of getting the lava maps/gamemode for mge, that would be lovely <3
  9. Sim Burner of props and hunter of hunters

    Spawnkilling on what? If you mean endif, spawnkilling is very common in every server and was pretty much what the gamemode was originally designed for. I personally don't like it, but it's not a problem I think.
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    Certainly, while spawn killing in any MGE arena is rather poor etiquette, like on any of these servers it isn't prohibited by the rules. Aside perhaps from the odd idiot in chat, or another prat treating the place like an idle server, there seem to be precious little issues.
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