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    The application process has changed slightly since the previous whitelisted servers.

    In order to be whitelisted, you need to either be active on any of our servers/discord/mumble/forums and have someone vouch for your activity, or be direct friends with someone who is and who can vouch for you and accept any consequences on your behalf. The person vouching for you must be active on the server(s) you want to be whitelisted on and must know in advance that you would like them to vouch for you.

    If you have not been a part of our community before and/or have not been on any of our servers/discord/mumble/forums before to a reasonable extent, you will require a fast-track from the person vouching for you. Modify your application to show that you want to be fast-tracked if this is the case. More information about fast-tracking in the next section.

    The fast-tracking system is here to allow people onto our whitelisted servers who have never been a part of our community before. If you have a friend that you know personally and would like to play on one of our servers with, then this is how you can do so. Each ex-clan member or long standing community member will have access to 1 fast-track per minecraft server they are active on (unless they have received previous bans etc.). Clan members will start off with an additional fast-track available.

    By fast-tracking your friend you are responsible for their actions on our minecraft servers and you will indirectly face the consequences that their actions may have. This will likely include the removal of your ability to fast track members.

    Should you vouch normally for a user then similar consequences may apply, but not as severe.

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      Please use one of the forms at the top of this post to apply for being whitelisted. Once accepted, you can join at gamingmasters.org.
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