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Discussion in 'Left 4 Dead' started by King Awesome, 26 Dec 2009.

  1. King Awesome Useless Member

    Modded server

    Hi everyone.

    So I have been playing expert campaigns for a while and I always wanted to do them chronologicly (camp1 then 2 etc). Why? I really don't know, maybe when I finish Parish to get the achievement as the end of the game.
    I did all the campaigns on expert until Parish now, but there is one problem. When I played and finished Dark Carnival on expert the steam servers shut down and it didn't recognize me finishing it.
    Now I could run through it again, but finding people who can manage all the running parts in DC is tricky. Now I have also seen modded servers with 16 players. It would be nice to run through dark carnival (alone) and just get the camp done again. Does anyone know a server that is heavily modded?
    And it's not cheating since I technicley already finished the camp.
  2. Might as well use opensteamworks and set the achievement to completed.

    Or install sourcemod locally and noclip through each level.
  3. King Awesome Useless Member

    I'm sorry for coming off noobish now, but what's that about?
  4. SnuggleMuffin SnuggleMuffin

    You install sourcemod on a local server => give yourself admin => give yourself noclip with sm_noclip => fly around close safe room doors etc etc
  5. King Awesome Useless Member

    Cheers. I'll try that tomorrow. (gonna go get pissed now)
  6. King Awesome Useless Member

    Ugh. Installing all this server stuff is so much work for a noobhead like me, I'm probably better of just replaying the Dark Carnival campaign.
  7. Longbow Victorique <3

    Sourcemod was a bitch for me to install too :>
  8. Gaw discord is my friend now

    It's simple to install :S
  9. Install metamod, build vdf, install sourcemod.

    "Install" being literally just extract a zip file.
  10. Longbow Victorique <3

    I had to get Geit to help me :<
  11. Gaw discord is my friend now

    But it actually IS just copy and paste..

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