More "internal" Clan Battles plz.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by waebi, 30 May 2008.

  1. More "internal" Clan Battles plz.

    It's just the climax of the fun if you can own (with) decent players. This is something you don't get so easily on the pub servers... :cry:

    So I say:

    MORE such battles. (not daily lol, but weekly is fine.) I'd say not ONLY clan/community internal but invite all GOOD players you know.
    Like nightor*, he's a mate of mine and he is pro spy ;)
    Play any class you want, even I played sniper/spy/scout instead of Medic ;)

    Lookin forward to playing this again.
  2. Re: More "internal" Clan Battles plz.

    My goal is to host at least one match each week, more depending on my own time schedule. Im currently working on a knockout tournament for the entire clan, at present working out the tournament mechanics. Yeah we can and should include other people in these matches, depending on the match type. Will be good public relations for the clan and lots of fun too.
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    Sounds pretty cool =)

    I'd like to add some thoughts:
    for a real knockout we need 2^x players like: 16, 32, 64, but we are 42 members
    BUT we could add a group phase at the beginning with 8 groups with 5 ppl. So you have to play against 4 people in the group and the best 2 of them get into the knockout phase. In this mode we can grant 40 players access to the tournament. This means that everyone in the clan (except for 2) may play in the tournament, and if less than 40 players wonna play we can invite other players.

                G1-1st vs G5-2nd
    Group2                        >   G11G52 vs G21G62    
                G2-1st vs G6-2nd                        \
    Group3                                               G11G52G21G62 vs G31G72G41G82
                G3-1st vs G7-2nd                        /                              \
    Group4                        >   G31G72 vs G41G82                             \
                G4-1st vs G8-2nd                                                         \
    Group5                                                                                Final
                G5-1st vs G1-2nd                                                         /
    Group6                        >   G51G12 vs G61G22                             /
                G6-1st vs G2-2nd                        \                              /
    Group7                                               G51G12G61G22 vs G71G32G81G42
                G7-1st vs G3-2nd                        /
    Group8                        >   G71G32 vs G81G42
                G8-1st vs G4-2nd
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    yea yea yea!!1! lolz
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    Yeah it would something like that but I would prefer 6 ppl in one group, since 4 makes for a poor team. Still trying to figure out things 6x6 would be 36 ppl. we could make a 7th team but im not sure how those would enter the knockout yet. It all depends how many ppl want to play.
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    for the group phase i meant:
    there are 5 ppl in the group and each player has to play against each other in a 1:1 battle, and gets 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. Like in football. The 2 players with the most points enter the knockout phase. if two players have equal points, than the result of the direct battle counts. If this was a draw, than those 2 players have to repeat that battle (i don't think that there will be lots of draws)

    But you're right, we could do group vs group battles as well at the beginning... It is just important that the knockout starts with 2^x players. (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, ...)
  7. Th-

    Re: More "internal" Clan Battles plz.

    Sounds great that tournament. How about we have weekly match where every [GM] could join, time announced on the forums, and just play even with bigger teams(8, 10, 12?). If there are more attendants have someone capable of hosting another server do it and divide the group. And play for fun, mixed teams, decide the classes on the set. What say you?
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    I like the idea Th - like the fragfest that was advertised a couple of weeks ago. Would be great for the community to have regular, large matches - although not at the expense of the smaller team matches :)
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    12v12 should still be max...
    *do want*
  10. Protantus Original Member

    Re: More "internal" Clan Battles plz.

    Not sure on the 1-1, the whole poiot of TF2 is in the T. Tactics are what we should work on - it is too easy for sniper/spy to win in 1-1
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    combat Sniper ftw. :D
  12. Protantus Original Member

    Re: More "internal" Clan Battles plz.

    If you want Combat sniper, I recommend Koths Barn. Such a cool map.
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    combat sniper is home on Gravel Pit:
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    Yes, just disguise as the only enemy and make him confused about who is who, then just sit back and watch brains explode.

    Oh, right. [/offtopic][ontopic]
    Ladder/Knockout would be awesome in any other game. In Team Fortress 2, 1on1, 2on2 and in some cases 3on3 are just total fraglottery with zero skill involved.
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    I do not agree, BUT for a serious 1on1 everyone has to play the same class. Like the 1on1 soldier cup on etf2l and the 2on2 scout cup on etf2l. And different maps have to be chosen. 1on1 on dustbowl doesn't make sense. Still i believe that 1on1 under certain circumstances can be done in TF2 and is great fun. AND of course crits must be turned off!!! otherwise it's really lottery.
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    Exactly, 2on2 scout or whatever would, and does work. And noone could accuse the opposing players for playing a lame class.
    But like, both teams playing what they "WANT"(:lol:) would be just, well, boring over extreme. (heavymedicX2)

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