Moving on....

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  1. Moving on....

    Hi lads, dont wanna talk around it for a long time, so here it is.
    Basically i'll "move on". I've thought about it for quite some time, and found myself some options:

    - Quit TF2, play L4D and some others, TF2 pugs for fun.
    - Go some more into TF2 and look if it's more fun with "higher" ones, /j 9th guys or whoever.
    - Quit games overall for a bit, play some rl.exe.
    - Stay "here" and just wait.

    Stuff to say, in a line....
    - Put in a friggload of time, and it seems many just didnt care, but meh.
    - Got some more rl.exe stuff to do atm.
    - "My" team's dead again, putting up a new one took time, so i cba to do it again, but meh.
    - I feel a bit "tf2'd out", point is the one KJ said once: "If we win, it's boring, and if we get pwned, it's annoying". (yeye argue bout that, dont care)
    - I got L4D preordered, if you wanna play it some time, msg me bout it and we'll do.
    - "Disrespect" ? Nah, i've never heard that word :P Guess i was one of the lucky dudes who got on quite well with everyone.
    - No, i wont move to 4k^ just cause they search for a medic now. srsly.

    I am leaving in "good terms" or whatever you want to call it. I feel no anger to whoever, it's just that way now, isnt it.
    If i wanted to mess up stuff, I could have done it till uhm...this very moment? (and better than any other guys i guess)
    Or at least till the date some guys changed the FTP/RDP passes... GJ there, but meh.
    Also gave Darkie +n (channel owner) in IRC, that's sorted. If you wanna ban me from the servers/IRC/boards, your thingy.
    ( for that stuff, guess you do know it.)

    If you feel you've "earned" a shoutout, then you do i guess. KJ deserves it for sure(<3 his sexy voice :D) for the fact that he never gave it up and brought us far.
    2nd place in Div5b i guess? Will see. Was great fun to play with you guys.
    Also all guys i've played with regularly and who i finally got to see in some 6v6/pug matches, you do too.

    some quotes... some are "insiderish" though.

    <GeneSIS^> waebi` 8pickup and 1 finnish pickup today
    <GeneSIS^> do i get a cookie?
    <waebi`> *puts a cookie in GeneSIS^'s mouth*
    <waebi`> CHOW
    <GeneSIS^> <3
    <GeneSIS^> WHERE IS MAH E-CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (ye he got one.)

    19:31 - [GM'F] Tricky^: This might sound even more retarded
    19:31 - [GM'F] Tricky^: but i think im a reasonable guy
    (he truly is.)

    "You are either part of GM (or whatever we want to call ourselves), and be proud to wear the clan Tag; and promote the clan or just finish the seperation process which has already been


    " more team-fucking-rainbow..."
    (agreed, my avatars with diff colors sucked.)

    I Am | full of win: fell -> feel
    I Am | full of win: :P
    I Am | KJ: fuck ya
    I Am | full of win: :D
    I Am | GeneSIS^ *KJ <3*: yeye just post it
    -=Walking Target=-: just that KJ
    -=Walking Target=-: nice and simple
    (some mins ago.)

    ( ^_^)
    (no comment here :D)

    [19:10] <Riemu> anyone got the new britney naked pictures? its for [4K^Mick] !!

    [15:00] <spaced> Tricia Helfer is sexy man
    [15:00] <spaced> not a pyro

    19:51 - [GM] CORE La espía que me amó: too many noobs on the internet


    if you have anything important to say => steam/irc in the usual channels (group chat is nice ya know.)

    attached thingy [attachment=0:bdcxo4zt]Diary of a[/attachment:bdcxo4zt] is the "diary of a gamer", some stuff from my perspective, started with when we signed up on
    Maybe you'll understand me a bit and you will laugh sometimes :D

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  2. Re: Moving on....

    best luck for you mah medic <3
    I am sure u can get some div2-3 team easily
    and i want more E-CARDDSSS!!!!!!!
  3. Re: Moving on....

    Truly awesome, did fuck lots of work for We Are.. it would realy not have worked that well if you didndt join us back then.

    Goodluck, we are all looking forward to L4D, if you deside to stay medic.. goodluck with that, you will do fine in higher divs :)


    [center:328pfsxk]CAKEBOY <3[/center:328pfsxk]
  4. Re: Moving on....

    I cant play medic in L4D :D but we'll play it fo sure.
  5. Re: Moving on....

    WABCAKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOES.... ='( sad face
  6. Th-

    Re: Moving on....

    Good luck with that rl.exe LOL
    Ty waebi, you have saved my life so many times that I'm eternally grateful

    In your debt, Th
  7. Re: Moving on....

    I remember the first time I asked you to join GM and now I thank you gratefully for the time and effort you have put into GM all these months.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours.

    Kind Regards

    Core ;)
  8. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Moving on....

    I'm truly sorry to see you go. You were:
    • A great player
      A great clan member
      A great clan leader
    And you're a great guy.

    Whatever you chose to do with your time, I know you'll do it well. Have fun!

    I Am Nomad
  9. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Moving on....

    Goodbye my friend, I loved the games. Will treasure them for a long time ^^
    You did a lot for GM, thanks for that!
  10. Re: Moving on....

    aw waebi! :|
    u done alot for gm
    good luck in teh future m8! ;)

    edit: ps: can they see this?
  11. Re: Moving on....

    well good luck out there
  12. Re: Moving on....

    Sorry to see you go Waebi :( Thank you for the time and effort you put into GM - it is very much appreciated :) Hopefully play with you soon :)
  13. Re: Moving on....

    Junge, wie kannst du nur...
    Hast wirklich einen wahnsinns Job hier gemacht. Du wirst an allen Ecken und Enden fehlen in GM.
    Alles gute für die Optionen die du schlussendlich gewählt hast.
  14. Re: Moving on....

    Sorry to see you go Waebi :o
    Have fun whatever you end up doing
  15. Bun

    Re: Moving on....

    BYyyyeee. D: <3<3<3

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