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  1. Reverend lame

    music production

    do somebody here music production on computer? perhaps using cubase, reason or FL studio? :? :lol:
  2. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    nobody? :( :lol:
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    Yeah me man, for about 3 years now i use FL + a load of plugins, mainly i make hiphop beatz but sometimes i like to go crazy with a 160 - 180 bmp track :twisted: ! When i started i made completely new tracks started from scracth, nowadays i use samples from music no one knows about (them forgotten artist, respect!) and pump up the drums to the max!
    Tell me bout yourss! :D
  4. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    i make too hip hop beats and sometimes music to some demo for my friends.. but mostly i use Cubase SX 3 with hundred of plugins and giga of samples...thats gut, i think there isnt somebody who make music :P
  5. Re: music production

    There are a lot of people in here that play instruments afaik, so there are a lot of people that make music, they just don't create it on PC (or were to lazy to write about it)

    I personally play Guitar and do some Singing, but nothing special =(
  6. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    cool :-) my instruments is computer and midikey :lol: what kind of music you do myke? rock,metal or somethink else?
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    Guitar: I'm not skilled enough for real Metal, so i have to make Rock music ^^
    Singing: Some Pop/Rock/Metal mix... My idol is Mike Patton so i try to broaden my range of styles... I'm doing that for about a year, so i'm also not highly skilled there...
  8. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    i make music on computer maybe one year so iam too not so much good........ patton?? i know only George Patton :lol:
    have you got some records? :)
  9. Re: music production

    Mike Patton is leadsinger of:
    Faith No More,
    Mr. Bungle,
    Peeping Tom,

    I'm sure Bittorrent will have some records for you ;)
    If you like Pop than get the Peeping Tom disc,
    If you like Rock than get "King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime" of Faith no More.
    Most well known songs are:

    Midlife Crisis
    It's quite old stuff though
  10. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    i like old skul hip hop :P and bittorent i not use, i prefer original cd :)
    but i know faith no more.....
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    I prefer original CDs as well, but that doesn't help you much, since i'm not gonna send them to you ;)
    still i use bittorrent to get some single songs i need for my singing lessons @ music school.
  12. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    and have you got some tracks? made by you? :)
  13. Re: music production

    unfortunatelly not, but i'll let ya know if i do ;)
    i promise.
  14. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    ok :) maybe you can help to me with some guitar riffs :P
  15. Reverend lame

    Re: music production

    for kroimpa...
    download this, this is oficial mixtape of Natural Born Spitters ...its legal, there upload it manager of the group..
  16. Re: music production

    thanks im downloading right now!
    il see if can post some of my tracks on the net.
    For whoever played STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl, i made some fan music a long time ago.
    It aint great cause my mastering skills back then were pretty crappy but anyway here's the link, its like a feel good song i made after is saw the REAL ending of stalker (the one when the zone disapears and streloks lays down in the grass). the peaceful ending.mp3
  17. Reverend lame

    Re: music production have too much high sound on bass and kick i think..... i will today littlebit later or tomorow write to you some important obout mastering ;)
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    Kroimpa I really like your track. What did you use to make it and what instrument samples? I have adobe audition 3 but rarely use it.
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    I use Fruity Loops 7 XXL and allot of drum samples from and lot of special ones.
    The instruments are the stardart FL 7 plugins since i had no other ones at that time.
    I remastered this version a month ago and send it to the stalker site but they didnt update it unfortunately.

    I use Isotope Ozone for mastering, the greatest plugin ever, i recommend it to everyone making music!

    Mastered version of peaceful ending:

    I like to keep it simple and raw most of the times zo dont expect a whole ballad or symphony, just expect beatz.

    I aint a pro and i have really crappy speakers so the songs may sound different on you systems :P
  20. Re: music production

    Another track i lost and found when searching for tracks to post here :D its made when i broke up with my ex girl 2 years ago, still makes me feel sad :'(

    The original is from Bonnie Riatt called Lovers Will

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