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What do you think about my ideas?

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  1. My Ideas for Prop Hunt

    I have two separate ideas for prop hunt (that may or may not go together). I don't know the feasibility of either of them, but I hope you'll listen anyway (hey you're the one who asked for them).

    First Idea:
    The red team (prop) can choose to be any class (with limits), but with each class there is a different set of props that you could be based on size of the prop. Something like this:
    Spy:Med or Small (b/c he's sneaky)
    Pyro: Large (b/c he doesn't stay on fire as long)
    Heavy: Large (b/c of extra health)
    Scout: Med or Large
    The rest: normal random
    I also think that I would be neat for other classes to have different skills like one would not bleed but would still get set on fire, maybe the sniper could keep his jar etc., but this kinda goes into my next idea.

    Problems with this idea:

    • Balancing
    • Classifying props (could be done in the cfg file?)
    • Unfair (goes with balancing)
    • Have to come up with new last prop thingie
    Benefits of this idea:

    • Adds variety
    • More fun
    • Allows (albeit slightly) different playing styles (which is what tf2 is all about)
    • Lets the player have a say in what kind of prop they are

    Idea #2
    The red team (props again duh) can spawn as any class (or just soldier, scout, pyro (with flame jump), and demo). When they spawn they are normal players (not props) (but they get told (just like it is now) what prop they will be) during the hiding period they can go around in what ever manner they choose to hide. When they find a good hiding spot or when the time runs out they change into the prop, in the case that they find a spot before the time runs out they hit a button and switch to prop (right click? (but that wouldn't work for demo)), and are fully healed (oh and say bye bye to the weapons).

    Problems with this idea:

    • Balancing? (limit each class)
    • Allowing the props to change into the prop from normal player
    • Props (as normal players) attacking pyros (maybe there's an easy solution)
    • Removing the stickies/rockets that were fired before time is up (rocket is in air headed toward spawn when time is up), again this might be easy to solve or extremely difficult, I don't know.
    • Can pyros get wherever the props can get to? If you add the demoman and soldier I don't think so. (possible solution add other classes to blu team (but again balancing is no fun (look at how people whine about heavy on blu)))
    Benefits of this idea:

    • Adds variety/replay value
    • Lets the props more easily see where they are going (gotta hate being a big prop and not able to see where you are)
    • Enables new hiding spots! (make old maps new again)
    • Different playing styles! (say you suck at scout but are the best rocket jumper)

    That is all, if you read through that all thank you for your time.

    Comments/criticism is welcomed
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Idea 1 - I imagine that every person will play a class with small props attached to it, I guess this is kind of cancelled out by the benefits/negativities for each class. Regardless, it's still a great idea, Lets see if Dark thinks the same.

    Idea 2 - This is the most requested feature we have, again it can abused by players who pick bugged props (E.G - Scaffolding, which can be clipped into walls, making it completely Invisible) or incredibly small props which are impossible to find or can be hidden in the floor etc etc.

    Anyway, thanks for answering the call for suggestions. :>
  3. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Idea 2 is better, having to hide with a concrete block in your face can be hard.

    A way to solve the killing issue would to add a slay zone around the pyros maybe.
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    We've established that changing view distance is not possible without cheats turned on.
  5. Idea 1 - how are we supposed to establish the sizes of props? Doing it manually will not be fun or extensible easily :<
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    I know the sizes of most props, It would take me about 2 mins to do each configs.:P
  7. I imagine you could also limit the number of people on each class

    I'm not sure what you mean by this, isn't this already happening?

    This means that you'd have edit the maps, no? Not terribly difficult I suppose (since a good bit of the maps have doors that would keep the pyros safe) but surely this could be solved without having to edit the maps

    That is how I saw it, surely there are not that many props that do not overlap maps, and many of them are quite similar (all barrels etc). Also, other than this, what do you think of my ideas?
  8. As a bit of an experiment, I've recently made BLU able to select any class (and health reductions for the various weapons done appropriately), commands "first" and "third" can now be bound for firstperson/thirdperson views and I'll get round to trying out idea 1 soon :)
  9. No offence but it's a pretty fail experiment Dark. You've completely broken Prop Hunt. It's essentially just arena with one team not being able to fight back so they're completely steam rolled :/

    Engineer - Sentries that drain no health going up on the point and elsewhere trapping props in certain areas of the maps along with Dispensers being thrown down to heal who need it.

    Scout - It can match a props speed and get anywhere a prop can without any loss of health. Also a point blank Scatter or FAN is an instant kill. Not to mention the sandman stun.

    Soldier/Demoman - Do I really need to say anything about either? Demo sticky spam prevents from running anywhere or hiding in most places, and rocket jumping Soldiers can get to pretty much anywhere a prop can hide. Not to mention the splash damage both have.

    Sniper - Jarate + 1 hit from anything = GG prop.

    Spy - Knife drains no health and spy raises his knife for the backstab animation upon finding a prop... Not to mention the Ambassador/Revolver eats through scouts.

    Medic - Completely broken. With the Bluts you lose pretty much no health if a prop is found. It can match the speed if it needs to chase and the Ubersaw has a 40 mile melee range.

    It's close to being unplayable. Props lose 95% of the time.
  10. I would just like to say that neither of my ideas included the addition of other classes to blu (my way of telling myself you arn't saying my ideas are bad :P). I understand that balancing will be quite difficult, but not impossible. I realize that if you add other classes to red then you must also add them to blu so that the hunters have the same advantage as the props. Perhaps it is best to take it one step at a time, implement one class on red then try to add the same class on blu without making either overpowered.

    As to your specific grievances most of them are about specific weapons and I know that you can remove weapons from the players so that removes about half of your complaints.

    Engie- Disallow the building of sentries and dispensers perhaps all building but you might keep tele. He might need some boost to keep him from being underpowered
    Scout - take away scattergun/FAN and sandman so now he only has his pistol and a regular bat (might consider taking away even the pistol if he's still too overpowered from his speed)

    Soldier- Limit his currently loaded rockets? (can we do this?) So he can only fire 1 (or perhaps 2) at a time instead of the normal 4

    Demo - Limit the max number of stickies? (we can do this?) right now its 8 maybe reduce it to 2 or even 1

    Sniper- This one's hard even if you take away jar he still has overpowered rifle/huntsman. Perhaps only allow him to keep jarate and knife? (but then again jarate was your original gripe)

    Medic - only allow them to keep the medi-gun (the heal one, is that what it's called?) that damages them while healing and perhaps normal saw?. I heard that you experimented with these once before without success

    Spy - Take away knife, its that easy. (Imagine being cloaked and watching a prop wiggle in front of you) (I suppose we must make sure that when he disguises he does(?n't?) become a prop for extra fun)

    As I was saying before we could limit the quantity of each class (only one sniper allowed etc). And we could always just not allow anyone to play as a certain class (an addition of one class to the red team doubles the amount of playable classes xP (any addition is an improvement in variety)
  11. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    I told you he'd complain dark.

    Right lets pull out stuff from my arse from last night.

    Engie - Dark boosted the self damage from this guy by A LOT, this means that if they happen to be sentry camping they will need a medic or a very slow setting up dispenser, even at this stage the sentry will still be level 1 unless they have Mr. Octoberfest with his happy ray glued to him.

    Scout - I agree it is easy to hunt them down as scout, but you have to also remember that they have the lowest amount of health around and from what I saw last night, they killed themself quite quickly.

    Soldier/Demoman - Demo's main advantage is trap laying, understand this. Soldier though is a slow ass hunk who has a average amount of hp, mix this with rocket jumping and close quarter splash damage and he's quite practically useless at catching those speeding props.

    Sniper - Another gameplay factor to be taken into mind, the jar has it's limited use and to be honest, if you are bitching about this, why not bitch about FLAMES AS WELL BRO?

    Spy - If this is true, dark should look into it, the revolver/ambassador does not eat through scouts, there have been so many times when you can get away from them with this average damage, slow shooting pistol with a fucked up targeting system popping away behind you.
    The backstab animation is also near to as close as a pyro spraying flames around like a idiot, it makes little difference apart for the fact that if the pyro was not using a backburner it would not be insta kill.

    Medic - The uber saw does not have a 40 mile melee range, get that fact out of your ass mate. The needle gun/blunts also comes with the DISADVANTAGE OF THE NEEDLES BEING PHYSICS BASED, I spent most of last night chasing one prop with this pile of shit just to miss 3/4 of the time, the self damage is enough to put people off this but if you really want it to be nerfed, let dark increase the damage toll on the player.
    I'd also like to pull out that uber takes a good fair amount of time to gain (if the people on your team are not "pros" :wat:) which can be seen as a disadvantage to the props.
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

    I've reverted the changes, Mainly because of the extreme amount of engis. - they have no problem setting up sentry then going to flush out props into the sentry nests.

    Soldier and Demo have huge splash damage, you can easily discover all the props in a room just by shooting a single rocket.

    Sniper is fine.

    Spy, didn't see one this morning, wouldn't be terribly effective imo.

    Medic is fine, regeneration needs tweaking though.

    TlDR; get it balanced and it'll be fine, till then, don't put the changes on a live server.
  13. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Spoilsport you are goat.
  14. Typical dickish reply from Raeg. What a shocker :/

    Either something drastic happened between the time in which you, myself and Geit played or you are indeed pulling stuff out of your ass.

    Geit saw for himself on Mountain and Harvest how Level 3 SG's had no problems in being erected and how the Engys had no problems at all going prop hunting to flush props into said SGs with no medics to be found.

    I dunno what Scouts you where playing with either since they where by far the most dominating class next to Engies this morning. If the scouts you played with kept dying it's because they fail. FAN stops them from running and the pistol only deals 1 damage per shot.

    Sollys being useless at catching scouts? Seems to me that somebody is a sucky solly.

    Eh.. you know what, whatever. I'm sick of arguing with you lately. You've got a stick up you're ass and hate to be proven wrong so I'm not even going to bother.
  15. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Nah, I'm just annoying you as all you ever do is complain.
  16. Removed: Demo, Soldier, Scout, Medic, Engineer
  17. One complaint means all I do is complain? Yeah okay.
  18. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

  19. MrMike This is my face when you talk

    As a normal player who played this when it happend i have to agree with shinkz
    the engie was FAR to overpowered being able to set up a lvl 3 SG by the CP making it impossible for props to get health from there
    Demomen can destroy scouts with ease
    soilders i didn't have a huge problem with but the splash range is ridiculus for something like prop hunt, you might kill one completly hidden prop by shooting near it.
    medics didn't really try out much so i dunno but the melle has a HUGE crit rate
    scouts could keep up with other scouts and easily kill the props quick though i did see quite a few triger happy scouts so they do die easy if they have sandman on them
    sniper i didn't see a huge problem with as they'd have to be pretty acurate with their shots, but jarate does screw up props quite badly, jarate + triger happy heavy = dead prop
    spys i have the biggest problem with even though adimitdly i had fun with it, if you disguise as a member of the other team, the other teams name tags come up, so a spy can just look at a prop and automatically know it's a prop just because they're disguised
    also the knife took no damage from the spy and if you're half decent with the revolver/ambasidor then you can easily kill a scout quickly
    anyways i think it's best as it is at the moment
    if you were to try something like this again where blue can choose what class, here's something i think would be better to make it slightly more even
    firstly SG can't go any futher than lvl 1 and they're slowly drained of ammo and the engie can't hit it to fix it, so the engie has to constantly remake the SG in order to keep it, i've seen this work on zombie fortress so i'm pretty sure it should be able to work here as well. same with the despensor make it limited to lvl 1 only but don't drain its health. if it's possible make it so it doesn't give health but only metal for the engie [i dunno if that's possible though =s] teles don't really think are needed but hey throw em in if people want it i suppose =p
    no demo or soilders due to splash range and ease of accidently kills
    sniper should be limited to sniper/hunter and melle no jarate.
    medics if you can lower the crit rate on their melle weapon
    scouts if you could make them slightly slower than the prop scouts that should be fine as the scatergun and FAN are really only deadly pointblank
    spys shouldn't be able to use disguise kits and also make the cloak like 3/4 full instead so they can't cloak for to long, also make it so the knife does drain health.
    anyways that's just my own personal opinion on this =p
  20. Nicci Egyptian Princess

    Random props generated in maps so no memorizing is possible == win :D

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