Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

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  1. Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    Hey guys,
    A bit late but still: This is the refuge for all talk/spam with me. I hope it's OK for you guys that i use the clan internal forum for this, but since i still have access to this forum i guess it's fine =)

    So how's it going pals? Is the voi° Team still leading the wireplay league? ETF2L runs mediocre as far as i have seen, but still better then under my command, so i guess Pissmidget is doing a great job.

    Hows the restructuring of the clan going on Th? Did everything turn out as intended? I'm sure i can find this information by going through the forum in detail, but i currently don't have time for this, so i'll skip this to some point later.

    BTW: I like the new logo on the top of this forum a lot. Looks really really cool.
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    Hey Myke! Great to hear from you again - voi won the Wireplay league, check out our little trophy: Our ETF2L league was a mess, but we managed a draw vs. HH second team (first team is now div2) and had a repeat performance vs. the Cavaliers - you remember the epic first match we ever played? Well we managed the same score (4:1 to us) with the win going down to the last 30 seconds for a 4:3 to us on Fastlane ;p Great stuff. So we finished 4th and MAY have a chance at a play-off place, watch this space!!!
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    Hey Myke (a voice from the past)!

    Really nice to hear from you again. ;)

    Voi has developed, the main lot of us are still playing with possible additions being trialed at the mo.

    We won our first division in wireplay which to be honest feels great. As piss said the eft2l league was as before bit of a mess but we have the chance of a play off match to see if we go up to div 4 (yay!)

    Still miss your epic soliness and hope i speak for the others when saying this but anytime your on steam and fancy playing a game with us, let us know! It'll be a blast from the past.
  4. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    great to hear from ya. Our newest team (probably xD) got raped by Voi so I'd say they'r doing pretty darn good xD
    time to play a game, dont you think? ;D
  5. Th-

    Re: Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    The restructuring: its been more about changing countless details to promote the change (2 hours as a leader and I understood why Core was so hard to reach), instead of a tremendous event to jump into our new suit. Forums, servers, the logo which you pointed out, and new values on the homepage that actually underline what is compared to what was.

    We decided to concentrate on the community and therefore we don't have a clan section atm. Some members are forming a group though, but its not yet stable enough to be called a team as far as I can tell.
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    Yeah, still waiting for the "big" changes.

    Sended you a pm myke...
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    OMG Myke!

    nice to hear from you man. yea voi are complete rape team now... hope that makes u happy =P

    gotta have a lil recap session sometime, would be nice to catch up n all.
  8. Th-

    Re: Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    There will be big changes for you grendal, as soon as you decide how you want to proceed with your TF2. Since our chat in January, you've played like 10 hours? Not many things are the same as they were in December.
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    Hey Myke,

    Hows things, I hope you and yours are doing well :)
  10. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    Hi! :D
  11. Re: Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    C'mon myke, play a match with us sometime soon, just one! :)
  12. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    Wow it's a long time ago since I saw you myke (September?), and I don't know you but you seem to have (had) a big spot in the heart of GM ;)

    So welcome back I guess :D
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    Hey all of you, i'm overwhelmed by how much ppl replied during one night ^^ I though i'll create this topic and leave to visit a concert of my brother's austro-pop combo, and the next day i'll read one or two replies ^^ Hope i can keep myself a bit active in at least thread, since i still feel some kind of bound to this clan, and especially to it's members.

    Pretty good Nick =) Half a year ago i never thought that we (now you) will win the 5th of 7 divisions in a serious league =) awesome guys. I just know the Cable Internet Clan but they are pretty good as far as i know. They are a traditional TF clan that exists for several years now, and you owned them all! That makes me really proud =)

    Hey Bennett, it feels even good for me that voi° won that league, even if my contribution to that was just to grab a bunch of nice ppl. I really love to see that the teamspirit is still alive =) These lines are the first lines i write from my new PC, so i guess it'll be possible soon to play some TF2 with you guys, although i'm pretty sure that my not so epic soliness is gone in the meanwhile.

    Hey Vacoy, is it your merit that GM has a balloonrace server now? The time to play a game again will come!

    I can imagine that, but i believe in you as a leader of a clan/community, and i hope that you can maintain the most essential thing of gaming although you have the responsibility now: Gaming is meant to have fun!
    So i guess GM is a combination of both important views of the clan now. 1) A bunch of friends sharing their hobby called TF2 2) Some players that try to exceed the average gaming skill and incorporate team-skills into their gameplay (in order to win wireplay ;) )

    Hey Grendal, thanks, will read later

    y0 Overdrive, it ofc makes me happy =)

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun, Boink.

    You got my attention, i guess Grendal's PM will clear some things up for me.

    Yes we are! Thanks!
    The job is getting better and better from day to day, and i hope that i can get my ass into the R&D devision, and when i accomplish that i might (hopefully) need to write some papers that i can present on some conferences. And since my english isn't good enough for that i guess i will make the Cambridge Certificate (i think it's called like that) at our local adults training/educating center. BUT thats just the sound of the future, but at least i have a vision now =) I just need to get it done ^^

    My /gf found a job that gives her pleasure as well, just like in my case the payment isn't what it should be, but the most important thing is to get your hands wet in a serious company to collect some experience to be able to switch to better positions later on.

    The economic crisis sucks here in austria, but luckily your both jobs are not much affected by it right now. My friends with the traditoinal engineering jobs (technical painter, etc) have a lot more have a lot more troubles with the current situation.

    Hows things for you?

    Hey Yesmad!

    Will do will do, maybe even twice ;) Hey Ana =)

    November ;) But yeah still a long time. I'm also surprised by the size of the spot ;)
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    hey myke.

    nothing much to say, but good to see you doing well. ;)
  15. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Myke's topic that has been announced weeks ago

    Wahey good to hear from you :)

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