Need help from everyone

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  1. Need help from everyone

    A while ago I coded a Steam group invite bot which sends out invites at approximately 5 per second, but which always had a fatal flaw: Steam only allows 240 invites to be made within a ~30 minute period per steam account.

    As I'm sure you've already guessed, we need more Steam accounts so please take a couple of minutes to register a random one and post the details here.

    The bot will be inviting players who have played at least once on our servers to the GM community group, and at the moment the database contains over 100,000 steam IDs.

    I must stress that this is not inviting random people - it is getting people who have a vague idea what GM is to come back and play again.
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    Re: Need help from everyone

    So we register a new steam account and post the username and password here?
  3. Re: Need help from everyone

    Yup :)

    Although it seems Spyko is making an account registration bot so this might not be needed :P
  4. Re: Need help from everyone

    Hey dunno your system, and this is not flame..

    But wouldnt it be better, to make it send an invite to the player when he joins the server?, and 240 players wont join in over 30 mins.. so that would hold with just one account?
  5. Re: Need help from everyone

    That is literally an epic idea. Thanks! :D
  6. Re: Need help from everyone

    lol was that the bot you coded for me when I had the race with Spyko who is able to invite more people in one week? :D

    think so :D
  7. Re: Need help from everyone

    Yup, good ol' FSM Recruitment Agent :mrgreen:
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    Re: Need help from everyone

    Yea, put it back to work, my group is getting emtpy! :O

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