New Gaming Rig

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    New Gaming Rig

    Well seeing as I passed my exams I've decided to dig into some of my funds (And my mother's, Duh :P) to build a new computer.

    At the moment a I game on a laptop (DELL M1710) connected to an old dell 19" LCD, G5 mouse, some old Logitech keyboard And a Yamaha Stagepas 300 speaker system.

    So, getting past the chitchat and stuff here is what I plan to build (Sorry it's in .XLS format, I'm too lazy to copy and paste it then reformat it for the forums :) )



    (Please keep to Constructive criticism)

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    I dont quite understand the file, also youre buying a 5000 euro pc? :o
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    I only see this in the xls file:

    Pre-VAT POST-VAT: Costs inc shipping and vat: £2,749.46 £3,332.68 £1,669.91 don’t have that model) Ocuk £1,666.00 don’t have that model) Total £3,335.91 (cheaper)
    Any coolant will do.
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    Re: New Gaming Rig

    That sounds about right, yes.

    Updated original post with a easier file
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    Don't spend £900 on a CPU, buy a cheaper one and just overclock it to the max.
    My experience:
    Pentium Dual Core e2140 cpu 1.6ghz overclocked it to 3.2ghz
    Core 2 Duo e6600 2.4.ghz overclocked it to 3.6ghz

    Also, £500+ on a graphics card I think is insane :o Just get the standard 9800GTX card and overclock that also.

    It's all about diminishing returns. You are paying for the most expensive components but for only minimal gain.

    Just my advice, I cringe seeing people spending insane amounts of money :D
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    Replace the gamer soundcard by the music version. Its cheaper And better, yes, also for gaming ;)
    And even if you dont intend on overclocking anything, the processor and gfx card are Not worth their ridiculous price. SLI/Crossfire is pretty much always a 'waste' of money. Its better to buy a single card and upgrade that sometime than to buy two at once.
    Another thing i would like to point out : Dont buy DDR3 ram yet. Its RIDICULOUSLY expensive and does not give much of an improvement over ddr2 just yet. Also i think 1200W is a bit unnecessary :D
    The thing with this kind of expensive hardware is that, you will have awesome results now, but you will have to upgrade nevertheless.
    Just my thoughts :)
    PS : For a really well-overclockable processor: the E8400 can go as high as 4Ghz and is pretty cheap :)
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    What they said ;)
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    Way too much money to spend on a PC even if you are rich or not. :?

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