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  1. new GM squad

    Hey guys,
    some of you already know it, and to inform the rest:

    I'm going to found a new squad within [GM]

    The name of the squad will be [GM'F] and here is the link to the steam site:

    What is the goals of GM'F:
    I want to register the squad at ETF2L.ORG and there i want to participate in the league matches. This means, that there will be a match every week, and since a league table consists of 10 clans it will be 9 weeks of playing. The mode is 6vs6 noncrit, like the PUG's weabi is playing all the time. So i want GM'F to contain 9 members. This means 3 reservists. But since we get kicked from the table when you leave out 3 matches, we need a buffer.

    What is the schedule of GM'F:
    Well... i have to finish my masterthesis in the next 2.5 weeks, which means, i don't have much time the next weeks. Today was my last official gaming day for the next 2.5 weeks. So i will use the next 3 weeks to recruite members to GM'F. After the lineup is static i want to play a few matches against X and Z to see where we are. I think they will own us, so we have to use the summer to achieve an appropriate level and to get used to each other. When i think we are ready to participate at ETF2L i will register GM'F there and the league matches may begin. And thats why we joined a clan, right?

    How can i apply to GM'F:
    Basically i want the members to be better than me, otherwise we won't win much :lol:. 6vs6 nocrits typically consist of 2 Scouts, 2 Soldiers, 1 Demo, 1 Medic, (sometimes a Heavy instead a soldier). So i want one specialist for every class (of the 5 mentioned classes), 3 allrounders and me ;)

    Criteria for application:
    1) You have to apply for a specific class (your best one ;))
    2) Your overall kpd is above 1.3 (except you wonna apply for medic, than it has to be above 0.8)
    3) Your primary class specific kpd is above: 1.7 for soldiers, 1.7 for demos, 2.0 for heavy, 1.0 for scouts no limitations for medics.
    4) You have at least 400 kills with Soldier/Demo/Heavy or 100 kills with scout or 400 assist kills with medic
    5) You do have a headset, and your spoken english is understandable...
    6) You're sure you have the time for this...
    7) Your hardware doesn't lag too much.
    8) You're not member of X or Z
    You may also apply if you don't meet one or more of the above mentioned criteria, but you have to have an explaination why you still think you are suitable for GM'F.

    Form of application:
    If you meet the criteria just post in this topic the following:
    Primary class: The class you apply for
    Secondary class: The class you can play alternatively of the 5 mentioned classes.
    Additinoal Info: if you are experienced in 6vs6 matches and so on... things you think i should know. This field is optional!!

    If you don't meed the criteria just post in this topic or per PM at me:
    Primary class: as above
    Secondary class: as above
    Additional Info: as above
    Reason why you are the right one for GM'F: why do you think you are suited for GM'F even if you don't meet the criteria

    i will than decide at will, whom i want in the squad. So i don't order applications by kpd or such stuff...

    Member list of GM'F: (will be updated whenever someone gets a membership)
    Leader: Myke (Soldier)
    Soldier: Bennett
    Scout: Bun
    Demo: LienK
    Heavy: Disco_Indigo
    Medic: Pissmidget (Demo)
    Allrounder: Sandman(Heavy, Demo)
    2nd Medic: Geitiegg
    waiting list: Bennett
    refused: Grendel(Soldier), Fafnir(Medic), Reverend(Soldier), FatsO-(Spy)
    doesn't want to: Anathema, Adi-Original
    unknown status: Sexie, Kutale, Confirmed for Brawl
    fixed positions
    serious candidates
    info about additional candidates

    thanks core for sticking this topic =)

    @ those of you who meet the criteria, but simply don't want to be in the squad:
    I'd be happy to know that you don't want to be a member as well, in order to make member speculations easier for me. You don't have to justify it, but if you like i'd be happy to know why you don't wonna be a member.
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  2. Re: new GM squad

  3. Bun

    Re: new GM squad

    Primary class: Scout
    Secondary class: Heavy
    Addional Info: I can use teamwork and have knowledge for tactics (from when I played with soldier as a kid ^^). I don't really know what to write more but w/e.

    I don't have a headset ATM, but I have ordered one. =)
  4. Re: new GM squad

    Hey, Bun,
    since you are the only one except GeneSIS^ (who will be GM-Z) that is playing Scout a lot on public servers i'll consider you for the Scout position. For an Allrounder you didn't play the other classes enough. (but the actual team positions will be clear when we start playing)

    Please edit your post and choose another secondary class.
    Possible secondary classes are JUST: Soldier, Demo, Heavy, Scout, Medic.

    The others may still apply for the scout position!
  5. Re: new GM squad

    Just in the clan, I will apply for the Team, too.

    Primary class: Soldier
    Secondary class: Medic, but can be a Allrounder except Demoman.
    Addional Info: Teamwork player who loves to shoot around with rockets ;)
    Dunno what to write more about me, if you want to know more you are allowed to ask me ;)
  6. Re: new GM squad

    I'm sorry Grendel,
    but you don't meet criteria 2-4 which are the skill criteria.
    If i don't get enough members for the team, i'll call you back, but i don't consider you for now.
  7. Bun

    Re: new GM squad

    Edited the post. =P
  8. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: new GM squad

    Primary class: Medic
    Secondary class: Demoman (PS: i suck at it)
    Additional Info: Nothing comes to mind, I'll alert you if something does

    My god i just looked at my stats page. I think I know the answer already. :oops:

    Edit: ... ic&game=tf
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  9. Bun

    Re: new GM squad

    Hey, I made a new picture for the steam group if you want it. ;D
  10. Re: new GM squad

    @ Geitiegg: your overall kpd is... not soooo good, so you don't meet criteria 2) but i'll put you on the waiting list for medic, since you seem to be experienced in it with more than 1000 assist kills. But to be honest i doesn't look too good. I'd like to have a medic, that can play another class as well, and with overall kpd above 0.8.

    @ Bun: i've made the logo yesterday, and i like it alot, soooo... thanks, but i'll stick to mine ;) but you can use it.
  11. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: new GM squad

    Ok. :oops:

    I blame dreadful team for my insane death count. :? ;)
  12. Bun

    Re: new GM squad

    Only took 5 mins anyway. =P
    Suggestion though, make the black box transparent on yours. ;P
  13. Re: new GM squad

    i am currently in X, so i'm not really a candidate. But if you need me, i'd think of playing.
    I would play Medic, because i know i'm the best med here *ARROGANCE FTW* (dont take this personally, i just have more match experience and i know how to act as Med :P)
    2nd... well, Demoman or Sniper.

    Time... well... i could make time.
  14. Re: new GM squad

    I'd be happy if you could assist in training our medic, or the whole team. But i won't make you member. Not even parttime. This team is ment for non X and Z players only, to involve more players in real matches.

    Edit: no bun, i won't chance the logo. I like it as it is. And if it's not perfect, than so be it. I'm not perfect either, so it fits to me ;)
  15. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: new GM squad

    Duel i say!

    Ok... i'll stop hijacking this thread now :S
  16. Re: new GM squad

    got that ;)

    yes, i will tell you what i know, because i dont want you to fail :P

    Still, prepare for getting your arse spanked. Even if you're in the last Division, there are always some newcomers who play well.

    Edit @Geitiegg: For sure :P
    my kill/death for medic is still better, even if i dont play Med atm :P

    and i "do no harm", like

  17. Bun

    Re: new GM squad

    Well, ok. I'll stop arguing over the logo. xP
  18. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: new GM squad

    *Mumble* I heal more than i go head on. I have more assists than you:P

    Assists per death:
  19. Re: new GM squad

    Waebi wins the game
  20. Re: new GM squad

    @ those of you who meet the criteria, but simply don't want to be in the squad:
    I'd be happy to know that you don't want to be a member as well, in order to make member speculations easier for me. You don't have to justify it, but if you like i'd be happy to know why you don't wonna be a member.

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