New Logo Competition

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Th-, 7 Jan 2009.

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  1. Th-

    New Logo Competition

    As GM is facing some changes, we would like to refresh our site to reflect the future. We are holding a competition for you, my fellow community members, to get your ideas known. Design a new site logo with our name and your choice of artwork. Catch the spirit of GM in it, make it fun. Work your magic. And keep in mind our core values while your at it. (for dimensions see the current header above "Gaming Masters Clan and Community" with the Heavy Weapons Guy)

    For those who like it below are more detailed instructions, see them if you wish. Don't worry about them if they seem too strict, just have some fun with your ideas. You can post your drafts here or message leaders personally. This competition will last a few weeks and in the end the most suitable and/or popular work will be used as our new site logo.

    GL and HF! :D We will be looking forward to seeing your work.

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  2. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: New Logo Competition


    sorry if big i dont kno how to resize it :( i did this for the first time adding all those stuff in lol i just felt like doing this for fun
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  3. Re: New Logo Competition

    Added technical details to the first post and I'm currently uploading the contents of my GM psd folder which unfortunately contains few (if any) of the current logos, but it might help in some way.
  4. Re: New Logo Competition

    Would you consider changing the width of your site from a percentage fluid to a fixed width ?
    If so what would the fixed width be?
  5. Re: New Logo Competition

    The forum is staying fluid. Fixed width doesn't suit anywhere where images or code are posted, so it isn't really very appropriate for forums. ;)
  6. Re: New Logo Competition

    Moving to Server/Website chat (more appropriate imo)
  7. Re: New Logo Competition

    i might try this
    dont know if i have the time though
  8. Re: New Logo Competition

    Something like this (I edited front site head.jpg, compare)?

    P.s. continue?

    -=!UPD!=-=!Look at my next post!=-
  9. Re: New Logo Competition

    Very Nice. :D
  10. Th-

    Re: New Logo Competition

    Yeah Tom... I like the vibe it has compared to the original, nice.

    There's no need to add more text than "Gaming Masters Clan and Community" in your work, we can sort that stuff out out later.
  11. Re: New Logo Competition

    I didn't edit hlstatsx one, for my opinion it's awesome as it is.
    So i edited site, forum, zps ones...
    Look at attachments... Jpg, Png, Jpg.

    -=v2, for next version look next post xD=-

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  12. Re: New Logo Competition

    If you can, please remove (C) Core and the quote from Bun - they are pointless/old respectively now.
  13. Re: New Logo Competition


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  14. Re: New Logo Competition

    logo concept !

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  15. Re: New Logo Competition

    So, GM logo is this one here by the way.

    Core asked me for it last august.

    Will do the rest of the things today.
  16. Re: New Logo Competition

    Header concept!

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  17. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: New Logo Competition

    lol not really serious but i'm bored






  18. Re: New Logo Competition

    Ginger Masters lol Awesome
  19. Re: New Logo Competition

    Dannykilla: very great logo :)
  20. Th-

    Re: New Logo Competition

    Hmm you're going to the right direction. I like the yellowish appearance of your logos Danny.

    We are also looking for new avatars for our steam groups: the public community, private community and clan. If you have ideas about those, just give them a try. You guys might also want to try Gmod with the characters for more elaborate arragements. Other thing you might want to try is find a map which is all green, so you can record and take screenshots and just edit a background of your choosing. That kind of a map is used a lot, see for example the start of the TF2 movie "Auto-aim". The sniper and scout characters were filmed in a green map and edited on the bluish background.
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